Nicknames for Harold


Harold is a sweet name that brings kind and noble vibes when you hear of it. But sometimes, people want a simpler or shorter version instead of the whole name. Or, you might want to pick a hipster, fun name for your Harold. Finding nicknames for Harold is not very complicated you just need to know how to choose a nickname. Most families use Harry, Harl, or Rolly. But if you are looking for some unique nicknames, you are at the right place.

This article tells you everything about this sweet and elegant name and helps you pick the best nickname for your Harold from numerous options.

What Does Harold Mean?

Harold comes of European origin and is a name from Scandinavia. It translates to the commander, army ruler, or powerful. Thus, most parents name their boys Harold for the meaning “Noble” and “Powerful.” In terms of meaning, this name is also similar to the popular name Vincent.

Similar to Vincent, Harold has been a popular name in the continent with links to different popular personalities with the same name. Norway had five kings with the name “Harold,” while three ruled Denmark. Britain has also known some famous people called Harold, including the British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan. Furthermore, American actor Harold Lyod is also on the list.

While it has not been as popular in the US since the 1980s, many people still love the name.

Nicknames for Harold

Unique Nicknames for Harold

  • Harlequin Harry
  • Harpist Harold
  • Halogenic Hank
  • Harlow the Wise
  • Harmonic Halo
  • Heraldry Haze
  • Harum-Scarum Hanky
  • Harleking
  • Harbored Heartthrob
  • Harpax (Harold + Apex)

Funny Nicknames for Harold

  • Haro-LOL-d
  • Harbuckle
  • Hairy Hilarity
  • Haroldsical
  • Haro-Zany
  • Har-doodle-doo
  • Harry “Pun”-ter
  • Harlarious
  • Haha-Haroldsson
  • Har-ROFL-d

Catchy Nicknames for Harold

  • Haro-Charmo
  • Haro-Dazzle
  • Harlowkey
  • Heraldic Hero
  • Haro-Mastermind
  • Haro-Rhythm
  • Harmonaut
  • Harvenger
  • Harlowicious
  • Haro-Nova

Creative Nicknames for Harold

  • Haro-Alchemist
  • Haro-Poet
  • Haro-Sorcerer
  • Har-Oracle
  • Haro-Maven
  • Haro-Droid
  • Haro-Muse
  • Haro-Wizard
  • Haro-Knight
  • Haro-Scribe

Endearing Nicknames for Harold

  • Haro-Love
  • Haro-Cupcake
  • Haro-Buddy
  • Haro-Snuggles
  • Haro-Treasure
  • Haro-Heart
  • Haro-Gentle
  • Haro-Dear
  • Haro-Sweetheart
  • Haro-Precious

Nicknames Inspired by Harold’s Hobbies

  • Haro-Painter
  • Haro-Adventurer
  • Haro-Chef Extraordinaire
  • Haro-Music Maestro
  • Haro-Gamer Supreme
  • Haro-Fitness Fanatic
  • Haro-Tech Guru
  • Haro-Plant Whisperer
  • Haro-Traveler
  • Haro-Fashionista

International Nicknames for Harold

  • Haraldsson (Icelandic-inspired)
  • Haroldo (Portuguese-inspired)
  • Haralambos (Greek-inspired)
  • Haruki (Korean-inspired)
  • Hari (Indian-inspired)
  • Haralt (German-inspired)
  • Harono (Maori-inspired)
  • Harun (Turkish-inspired)
  • Haroi (Finnish-inspired)
  • Haroan (Welsh-inspired)

Nicknames Inspired by Famous Harolds

  • Haroldo Wilde (inspired by Oscar Wilde)
  • Harold “Hemingway” son (inspired by Ernest Hemingway)
  • Haro-Coltrane (inspired by John Coltrane)
  • Haro-Edison (inspired by Thomas Edison)
  • Harold “Twain” son (inspired by Mark Twain)
  • Haro-Lincoln (inspired by Abraham Lincoln)
  • Harold “Van Gogh” son (inspired by Vincent van Gogh – Check nickname ideas for Vincent)
  • Haro-Hawking (inspired by Stephen Hawking)
  • Harold “Fitzgerald” son (inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald)
  • Haro-Picasso (inspired by Pablo Picasso)

How to Choose a Nickname for Harold

You can choose a unique nickname for Harold without thinking much. Use some part of the name, twist it, or add a family element. Here’s how to choose a nickname for Harold:


It is best to ask a few friends or family members to help pick a witty and interesting nickname for Harold. Sit in a circle or get together on a call to brainstorm your ideas by shortening the name, considering their personality, and adding fun elements. Use the popcorn technique to put everything on a paper that comes to your mind.


Now that you have a bunch of ideas about picking a nickname, it is time to discuss and shortlist. Ask everyone’s opinion about every name one by one and strike out the name nobody likes. Avoid considering names that might sound offensive. You must have no more than 2 – 3 names at the end of the discussion.


After shortlisting the name, it is time to vote for the two or three names you have picked. Ensure you have an odd number of voters to simplify the process. If two out of three choices get the same number of votes, do a tie-breaker.

And Viola! You have the perfect nickname for Harold; he’ll be surely happy!

The Bottom Line

People named “Harold” are usually sweet and kind and would love every nickname their family calls them. But if you want to choose a unique nickname for Harold, it is best to get together with a few friends and pick the best one. Brainstorm, shortlist, discuss, and vote to make sure everyone likes the nickname. Alternatively, you can choose from all the nicknames we have enlisted; it makes the process easier!


What is the short name for Harold?

Harry is a popular short name for Harold, of English and German origin. Many people also use it as a first name instead of a nickname.

What is the female version of Harold?

If you have a boy named Harold and are willing to name your daughter the same, Harriet is a beautiful female version of Harold. The name comes from German origin and means “home-ruler.” Other variations include Henrietta, Henriette, Harolda, etc.

Is Harold an old man’s name?

If anyone told you Harold is an older man’s name, they are mistaken. Harold has been quite popular in the past, and one out of every eight thousand kids nowadays is named Harold. So, no, it is not an older man’s name, but coming back into fashion soon.