New Year, New Skills: 6 Types of Training to Consider for Your Team in 2024

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Learning and development opportunities are highly sought after by employees. The more they learn about their roles, the more experienced and skilled they are, and the more desirable they become to their current and future employers.

However, business owners and managers don’t always know the type of training to offer to benefit themselves and their employees. With a new working year on the horizon, you might like to explore some of these training opportunities for 2024.

Collaboration Skills

Collaboration skills are crucial for employees to work well as a team and enjoy effective communication for a harmonious working relationship. While many employees already have excellent collaboration skills, there’s no harm in prioritizing collaboration skills training to refine their skills and possibly learn new ones. Collaboration skills training can help employees work toward common goals, share knowledge, and combine abilities.


When you rely on your employees to sell and upsell to your customers, it’s important to ensure they have the right skills and tools to do so. Invest in sales training so your employees can learn new selling techniques, brush up on their negotiation skills, and gain new product knowledge.

Cyber Security

The biggest cyber threats facing the average company aren’t necessarily outsiders. They can be your own employees. Employees who haven’t been trained in identifying a cyber security risk may inadvertently put your business at risk. New research has even found that employees are just as likely as cyber criminals to cause cyber incidents.

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Protect your business by investing in a comprehensive cybersecurity training program for your entire team. Whichever program you choose, ensure it includes essential topics like safe data handling phishing, and password management. The more your employees know about cyber risks, the easier it might be to keep your business secure.

Customer Service

Your employees are an essential asset. They are responsible for ensuring your customers have a great experience with your business so they continue to return. There are no guarantees this will happen, but you might improve your chances by investing in customer service training.

Customer service training involves teaching your team how to communicate with customers, use support software, diffuse situations, and expand their product knowledge. When you look after your employees with learning and development opportunities like these, you can rely on them to look after your customers.


The average workplace can be stressful, even when that’s not the business owners’ intention. Short staffing, customer complaints, and large workloads can all take their toll. Alongside addressing some of these issues, you may also promote wellness management programs.

Your employees can learn to reduce their stress, maintain a better work-life balance, and even try new tools like mindfulness meditation. However, it’s important to note that wellness training isn’t a substitute for addressing employee wellness problems. It’s just ensuring your team has tools they can access when needed.

Soft Skills

You might have hired your employees based on their technical skills, but soft skills can be just as important. Employees with excellent time management skills, conflict resolution, and critical thinking can be pivotal to your business’s success.

Invest in soft skills training if you want your workers to refine these skills. When your team has an opportunity to polish and improve their skills, they may return the favor with increased performance.

You might already have a highly skilled team, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be more valuable to your business than they already are. Write these learning and development opportunities on your 2024 to-do list to help your employees reach their full potential.

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