Best Washing Machines of 2022

Washing machine

Washing machines are one of the most essential devices in today’s world. Their importance in our lives has made them high-tech devices. Many new models are enabled with wi-fi connectivity, and smart features like load sensors, voice control, sensor systems, and many more. While a range of various washing machines will provide the same basic function- to wash, dry, or steam your clothes, the specific function ranges across different prices. It is essential to consider the space dedicated to the washing machine before purchasing one since various sizes are available.

It is also best to fit the washing machine near a wash area, as in that case, the water from the out leak can directly be drained into the washing area. This will ensure the hassle-free functioning of the washing machine. Some other factors to consider before purchasing a washing machine are front-load or top-load functionality, the available combination of cycles, and its capacity should always be kept in mind.

Here is a list of some washing machines price lists which have been carefully selected taking into consideration various factors like cost efficiency, functionality, ease of control, and sustainability.

LG Washing Machine

All New AI Direct Drive 

This machine comes with Wi-Fi connectivity. Its AI function provides optimized care and extra fabric protection. It has a 6-motion direct drive and a turbo wash function with optimized motion combinations for every fabric combination. Its 6 DD function is sustainable and requires less water and energy to run, compared to its conventional models. The turbo wash function provides a power wash cycle with options for higher temperatures for washing. This function enables an unparalleled wash cycle and quality in lesser time. It is priced at Rs 37,990/-

All New AI Direct Drive with Inbuilt Heater and Steam 

This model is similar to the previous model in its 6-motion direct drive and turbo wash functions. It also has Wi-Fi functioning like the above model. However, an additional feature that makes this model unique is its inbuilt water heater and steam function. An inbuilt heating system ensures that one does not need a hot water supply, as the inbuilt heating system takes the cold water from the direct source water supply and uses that. The hot water removes stains and dirt effectively and makes the fabric soft. This model is priced at Rs 45,490/-

LG 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

This 5-star washing machine is a great choice because of the unique washing formulas it provides. Its 3+1 wash programs provide a variety of wash cycle options to choose from. It also has a lint collector which ensures efficient washing in true form. This function ensures that after-wash debris like fabric or thread pieces are not accumulated in the rubber seal of the machine door or the corners of the machine. It also ensures an efficient wash cycle. This model also comes with a collar scrubber, taking the task of dirty scrubbing off your hands. The roller jet pulsator ensures almost nil wear and tear to even the softest fabrics. The most attractive feature is its Rat Away Technology with its coating of rodent-repellent chemicals. This model is priced at Rs 16,490/-

A washing machine in a laundry

IFB Washing Machine

Elite Plus WSS 7012

This model functions like a steam wash, which is friendly on the skin. The machine uses steam, which is why it uses minimal detergent, thus helping to save money in the long term. The steam function uses shorter cycles that ensure less detergent use, proving friendly for those with sensitive skin. It also has 3D wash technology. This means the water enters the machine from three different nozzles instead of two. With this facility, the detergent completely dissolves in the water and no residual detergent is found in the clothes or on the inner walls of the machine, thus proving to be skin friendly again. The other most attractive feature this model has provided is the Aqua Energie Technology, which treats the water coming from the supply internally. This is especially effective in areas with hard water. It is priced at Rs 40,490/-

Elite ZXS

This model also has the Aqua Energie and 3D Wash Technology. The other technology this model provides is a hygiene/anti-allergen function. This function is specially built to remove allergens and dirt. The company claims to keep the clothes 99.99% germ-free. This model is a great choice for homes with kids. It is priced at Rs 39,290/-

Elite ZRS

This model has steam wash, Aqua Energie, and 3D Wash functions. This model is similar to the Elite Plus WSS 7012. The only difference between the two models is that this model weighs 72kg while the other model weighs 75kg. It is priced at Rs 41,990/-

Godrej Washing Machine

WF Eon 8014 PASC GR

This model comes with an inbuilt heater and Allergy Protect Technology. It claims to remove 7 common allergens and 4 common bacteria. It has a 1400 RPM Spin Speed which enables faster drying. It also has a three-level stain selector, 15 wash programs, and anti-crease technology. It is one of the most eco-friendly washing machines as it uses only 50% of the energy and water to run an optimized wash cycle. It is priced at Rs 47,500/-

WF Eon 8014 PASC SV

This model is like the last model. It also has a rapid 15 for a quick wash cycle. With its 1400 RPM Spin Speed, it facilitates an efficient wash cycle. This model is priced at Rs 46,500/-

WF Eon 600 PAEC

This model has a Germshield technology that claims to kill germs up to 99.99%+ germs. It also comes with an inbuilt heater and a smart wash program. The motor comes with a 10-year warranty, which makes it one of the most effective choices in one’s search for a washing machine. It is priced at Rs 34,400/- While every option may seem attractive, it is important to choose the model of the washing machine which works best for you and your family.

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