Tired of Snooping on Kids? Try the OgyMogy Mobile Spy App

Ogymogy spy app on mobile

According to interesting statistics, 75% of parents have admitted that they have been snooping on their kid’s smart devices. It can be because of curiosity or as a safety measure. But the truth is today’s kids gives a tough time with parents. Thus it could not be an easy task to get the information out from a secretive kid. Teens like to hide things on the cover of privacy. Moreover, they overestimate their own abilities to handle anything. Thus parents are most of the time on their toes around the kids. 

The best way to settle the curiosity once and for all is through the use of a mobile spy app. OgyMogy one of the best spy apps offer parental control feature to its users. Android and iPhone users can avail of the services and enjoy the spying feature at reasonable rates. It is not just a simple mobile spy app. The Mac and Windows versions make it one of the best options for parents. As they can keep up with the digital activities of the kids through all the gadgets.

OgyMogy Mobile Spy App

Remote monitoring with the OgyMogy mobile spy app is a safe option as the parents can keep the whole monitoring mission a secret thing.

Check the Screen Activities

Screen activities tell everything about the kid’s whereabouts and lifestyle. Get the mobile spy app and know about the screen activities of the kids in real time. You can even check the recording with screenshots and short video recordings. Everything is saved with date and time information.

Find Out About Web Browsing History

The Internet has all sorts of data in every possible medium format. Parents must keep a check on online activities. The OgyMogy mobile spy app saves the browsing history record of the kid for the parents. Any porn websites or triggering stuff is reported to the parents right away.

Apply Web Filtering

Web filtering gives control to the parents. Users can limit and block certain sites and content from the target device. It is the best use of a mobile spy app as users can practically make unwanted things disappear from their kid’s devices.

Know What Kind of Videos they Watch

The youtube screen recording feature gives alerts about the types of content kids watch on Youtube. Parents can know if the kids have a personal Youtube channel. Find out about the content uploaded by the kids remotely and easily.


Listen to the Digital and Real Company

The mic bug feature allows the user to listen to all the surroundings of the company. You can know about the discussion agendas. The topic of interest of the kids and more. Track any bullying or blackmail in the kid’s company and take necessary action to solve the matter.

Jump Right into the Gallery Folder

Some mobiles have even the option to lock the gallery. With the OgyMogy mobile spy app, users can jump right into the gallery folder. No need to worry about the encrypted gallery it is not a problem for the app.

Instant Access to Instant messenger Chat App

Social media is trending nowadays and Kids love Instant messenger chat apps and social media. It is like their life revolves around these platforms. Every action is connected with a snap or an Instagram post most of the time. The long list of instant messenger chat app monitoring can help parents to get notified about all the online activities. WhatsApp spy app, Line spy app, Kik spy app, Viber spy app. Telegram spy app and Skype spy app are just some examples.

Follow them Around Like a Pro

Use the GPS location tracking feature and know about the kid’s location in real time. The mobile spy app accurately reports the kid’s movements in detail.

Limit the Movement to Only Safe Locations

Geo-fencing is another excellent feature that is extremely beneficial for parents. They can virtually mark safe and restricted zone on Google Maps. Track Hidden hangout places remotely. OgyMogy mobile spy app is offered in three economical bundles. All the packages offer basic and advanced features. Get your favorite bundle today and have a taste of a completely reformed parenting style. The use of mobile spy apps like the OgyMogy makes snooping on the kids a completely remote job for parents.

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