Where to Find Coffee in Marrakech

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Traveling to Morocco is much more famous now. People from everywhere, especially from the west, visit Morocco to relax and have a hassle-free time off from their jobs, businesses, and educational institutes.

The last year’s visitors ratio indicates a further improvement in Tourism in Morocco in 2020. People have different things in their memories, like and dislike, and make something favorite during their traveling experience.

Coffee culture was the one that literally inspired me on my trip to different destinations in Morocco. I can’t guide you about all the destinations, so this blog post is for travelers who are traveling to Marrakech and need to know where to get a perfect sip of coffee.

Places to Find a Perfect Coffee Sip in Marrakech:

Here are some places in Marrakech I’m enlisting for you guys. You can get into these cafes and restaurants.

Henna Café, Marrakech

Henna café is famous among locals and travelers in terms of tea and the best kinds of coffee. If it is your first time in Marrakech, head towards Henna Café and order the coffee of your choice. Make sure that in the Arabic region, people don’t usually use milk with black tea. So ask them before you order.

Remember you must have Moroccan currency in hand, not all cafes and restaurants accept your international card. Be proactive to avoid any trouble anyway.

Henna Café also serves traditional and Modern dishes to its customers and the most important thing which I always recall and smile about that the management of the café helps the poor kids to wear and learn in School.

Earth Café, Another Coffee Destination

If you need warm sips of Coffee in Marrakech and finding a reliable name? Here is the one. Earth Café serves you the coffee of your choice along with many traditional and modern dishes for meals and lunch.
Earth Café is famous for its vegetarian nature and attracts people of all kinds but especially vegetarians. They grow their own vegetables and serve many decorated Salads along with your order. If you want to take the original want sips in Marrakech, don’t miss to visit Earth café which would not so far from Djema el Fna. Your hostel or Riad might be near to Djema el Fna a very central and famous place in Marrakech.

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Café de France in Djemal el Fina?

Yes, it is just in front of Djemal el Fina. It also offers coffee of your choice in Marrakech to add something great to your travel experience. Don’t only order coffee but also the traditional dishes Morocco welcomes you with. The bright thing about this café is its location.

Sitting in Café de France on the eve, you can overview the lights of Djemal el Fina and can watch how active this place is. Finish your coffee and go down to have an interesting round of Djemal. It would give you new energy with its unique experiences.

Café Araba

In Marrakech, the diversity of the cafes and restaurants also has another name Café Araba. It is a place you can sit to have a good time with family and friends or make new friends. It offers many types of coffee on its menu. Now you have to choose and order your cup of coffee or tea.

Basically, you are in Café Araba for having coffee and some light snacks but the café offers you the best lunch and dinner packages too in their menu. Open their menu again and select a dish according to how much hungry are you.

Café Kasabian is Another Option

Here is another good name to fix your coffee thirst. I know you are here to relax and spend your good time gossiping in the cafes in the eves. Marrakech won’t disappoint you don’t worry. Café Kasabian offers you various classes of Coffee along with the Snacks of your choice.

If you are feeling hungry and want better dishes for lunch or dinner. Café Kasabian is there having dozens of traditions and dishes for you in Marrakech.

I have experienced most of the cafes and restaurants I have mentioned and can tell you with full assurance about their quality food and original Coffee sips.

16 Café in Marrakech

Yet another Good name with good repute. No no, I’m not gonna tell you about 16 other cafes, it is the name of a café in Marrakech famous for its coffee and other snacks. My suggestion is to visit the café and have your own experience. I’m sure you will leave the café with more inspiration.

When I was invited by a local Moroccan friend, I invited to this café and we enjoyed a

Perfect time to have the warm sips together. For you is an opportunity to jump in, Marrakech has a lot of opportunities for you to relax and enjoy.

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