6 Amazing advantages of vinyl plank flooring

6 Amazing advantages of vinyl plank flooring
Whether it’s a floor or the entire home, redo projects are fun. When people plan a floor redo, indeed they have many choices. In fact, endless options make them confused. However, for busy homes, it is quite tough to settle for the right choice. Hardwood is expensive but not good. The carpet is elegant but not user friendly. To deal with all these problems, vinyl plank flooring is the best idea. With the advancement in technology, vinyl is improved. It has better stain resistance. Moreover, these floors have also an easy installation. Anyhow, if you have no decision yet, consider the pros of this flooring. These floors are luxurious. Moreover, they have high durability. Besides these, there are many other factors. Today vinyl floors are selling like hotcakes. Indeed a favourite option for homeowners. They are versatile. You can use vinyl planks anywhere in the home.

Without any further wait, let’s read the benefits of vinyl plank flooring 

1- Amazing look 

Gone are the days when vinyl is the poor flooring choice. Today, vinyl planks offer you a hardwood like look at less cost. Now you can enjoy the texture and designs like wood. Nowadays, in most modern homes, you can find these floors. Due to the looks and designs people usually buy this flooring. Undoubtedly vinyl is times less as well as a popular flooring option. The surface is also soft and it is easy to clean. Just a simple mop will work.

2- Highly Durability

Nobody enjoys spending a lot of money and time on solid wood or tile floors just to find them scratched or lost. This is where LVP’s durability plays its role. One of the benefits of vinyl plank flooring is how scratch and stain resistant it is. Furthermore, many types of LVP are water-resistant or fully waterproof. Vinyl plank is an ideal choice for high-traffic areas. It is also ideal in places with a lot of water, such as toilets, kitchens, and laundry rooms. Read Also: The Many Benefits of Outdoor Carpeting

3- Easy to clean 

Vinyl floors are easy to clean. You do not need any tough possess.  No expensive tools are required. Simply clean the floor with a regular mop. Moreover, these floors are strain resistant. So, they do not develop stains easily. Furthermore, you can also use a vacuum cleaner. Keep in mind harsh pressure can ruin the look so, always apply gentle pressure. However, use a damp cloth once in a while. Prepare a mild solution. use water and detergent, mix well and clean the floor. Easy cleaning is in fact the best aspect of having these floors in your home.

4- Noise resistance 

Both the hardwood and tiles produce noise. They have the least noise resistance. These sounds seem annoying. However, vinyl planks are ideal for dealing with noise. They absorb all the noise. Now you can live peacefully in your living space. Anyways, vinyl is not as good as a carpet; but still, it’s better than hardwood.

5- Comfort

No doubt the cold floor is the worst. Hardwood or tiles are not comfortable for a walk. On the other hand, vinyl planks are a safe choice. They provide a feeling of comfort when you step over them. These floors can easily handle busy traffic. They do not make you feel tired even if you stand over it for a longer time. These floors have strong wear layers. In fact, it is also a safe choice for kids and pets. Regardless of the area vinyl floors easily adapt anywhere.

6- Economical 

Home redo projects involve high costs. In fact, cost serves as the major factor. However, most people have a tight budget. So, they cannot spend blindly. In the case of flooring redo, vinyl planks are a great option at a flooring store in Columbus. Indeed these floors offer a wood-like look at less cost. Moreover, you don’t need to have many dollars. It only cost less than 1$ per square foot. Anyhow, cost also depends on quality. The higher the quality more the cost. Furthermore, if you are going to hire professionals it costs you even more.


Vinyl plank flooring is one of the incredible choices. These floors have many benefits just like hardwood. However, these floors have a less price than wood. With all the above-mentioned advantages now you can go for this style. These stylish floors have a great appeal at least price.