AC Installation Company Fighting Against Climate Changes


In the past few decades, the planet Earth is experiencing a surge in the global temperature. But this temperature rise has increased drastically in the last 5 years.

Scientists have explained many reasons for this but the main thing is how it can be controlled. Everyone is making efforts to reduce the hazardous effects and Air Conditioning Installation Company are also contributing to this endeavor.

What Are Causes Of Severe Climate Change?

Researches have been going on since the first severe effects of climate change were reported. It has been concluded that the majority of the causes of the climatic change that resulted in global warming are the activities of human beings.

  1. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution; the air and atmosphere of the world have become polluted. This intensity of air pollution increased gradually and now has reached dangerous levels. The harmful gases from power plants and factories are the main cause of it.
  2. As the population of the world is growing; the space to accommodate the people is becoming shorter. So developers are cutting down forests to make areas for building houses and other commercial buildings. Fewer trees mean that supply of oxygen will become limited.
  3. Another side effect of urbanization is that more garbage will be thrown. This will make the land polluted and unable for the cultivation of crops as well plants and tree. As the number of trees will reduce; oxygen will decrease which will increase the temperature.
  4. You might think that volcanic eruption is a natural process and what harm would it do to the environment? But the level of release of carbon dioxide is greater during an eruption.
  5. The greenhouse gasses are the most dangerous of all gasses that are harming the earth’s atmosphere. These gasses are carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, and fluorinated gasses. But the AC installation companies including Wayne’s Heating And Air are making efforts to reduce these gases.
  6. The various greenhouse gases are damaging the ozone layer as small holes are developing and gradually they are growing in size.
  7. As scientists have observed many kinds of rock formations; they have concluded that this change in the temperature has been fluctuating long before humans ever existed. This means sometimes Mother Nature herself creates circumstances that result in the rise and fall of temperature.

How Air Conditioning Installation Company Are Helping?

Scientists have warned that if this rate of climate change is not reduced then within the next 50 years most of the coastal areas around the world will disappear.

So it is up to everyone to play their part. Air Conditioning Installation Company in Georgia is making the following efforts to fight against the changing climate.

Carbon Emission Is Minimum

As many of the AC units now use electricity or other means of energy; the use of wood, petrol, gas, and coal is zero. This means that the emission of greenhouse gases is minimum.

Installing Energy Efficient Equipment

Today new and improved technique of using energy is being developed. One of the most effective of all is the use of solar energy which is a type of environment-friendly air conditioners. Another option is wind energy that is very effective to create electricity and power various appliances.

Air Pollution Is Reduced

When the natural resources are used minimally the smoke from burning them will also reduce; resulting in a reduction in air pollution. Thus, saving the environment.

Adjusting Right Thermostat Setting

If you have to use the air conditioning system even in moderate weather then you have to make sure that the setting of the thermostat is according to the temperature outside.

Not Using AC System When Not Necessary

It has been highly recommended by the Air Conditioning Installation Company not to use the AC when there is no need. If you are going on a holiday then there is no use in keeping the AC on. By following all the above-mentioned points the effects of climate changes can be reduced.