A Ultimate Guide Google Ads: How to Attract New Customers With Advertisements


As an entrepreneur, it can be a little difficult to stay on top of things. This is because the marketing systems and algorithms are evolving at a rapid rate. Just in 2018, Google changed its AdWords to Google Ads.

Experts from any renowned marketing staffing agency are highly trained in optimizing ads and developing landing pages. Therefore, it is always better to rely on hiring agencies for marketing experts. Besides this, here are a few things that you’ll need to take care of while managing Google ads campaign.

Three Important Steps

To successfully manage a Google ads campaign, you need to continuously test and optimize three core areas.

Targeting The Right Audience

The first important step is to target the right audience and set up strategies that can help you to reach your goals. This includes keyword and bid optimization.

Testing Ad Copy

After you’ve successfully determined your target audience, now it is time to test your ad drafts. The offers, headlines, and content will have to be just right for an ad to succeed.

Developing Amazing Landing Pages

The most important step is to develop a high-quality landing page. The quality of the landing page will determine whether the customers will ultimately buy the product/service or not. So, pay special attention to the design and quality while developing a landing page.

The First Step

To successfully target the right customers, you’ll need to focus on three core areas; keywords, bids, and campaign targeting. Your optimization efforts in these three regions will determine whether you’ll be getting the targeted sales or not. So, to prevent you from wasting your investment, here are all the strategies that you can adopt to get it right the first time:


Your keyword choice matters a lot to manage a successful ad campaign. Your first batch of keywords is most likely not to be an overnight success. But you can learn to come up with the right keywords in a few ways. Here are some key strategies that you can employ to come up with the right keywords:


It is one of the smartest strategies to achieve a better conversion rate. It allows you to get rid of the words that are not generating revenue for you. To prune your keywords, you should follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to ‘Google Ads’
  2. Enter your login information
  3. Select the ‘Keywords’ tab
  4. Then select ‘Search terms’
  5. Go through the report
  6. Find out words/phrases that did not generate conversions
  7. Delete/change these keywords

Quality Score

It is another great marker of your campaign performance. Through the ‘click-through rate’ Google will evaluate the success of your keywords. It will determine the importance of your ad and the habits of potential customers when they come across your ad. So, you should delete the keywords that have an overall score of 3 or lower. Modify the keywords that have a score of 4-6 so that you can achieve better conversion rates.


Another thing to do is to determine the costs that you’ve to bear to achieve conversions. If the cost is too high, it’s better to give up a certain keyword. This is especially important if you have a small business. You can also try to lower the bids if you want to make a specific keyword more profitable.

Fishing and Replanting Keywords

You can fish for high performing keywords in the following steps:

  1. Open your ‘Google Ads’ account
  2. Generate the ‘Search Terms’ report
  3. Review your keywords
  4. Find new interesting phrases
  5. Generate new ads

Fishing will help you achieve better conversion rates. You can also replant your keywords to generate better sales. For replanting, you’ll need to invest in a new campaign. From your former campaign, search the high-performing keywords and add them to your new campaign.


Optimization in this area will allow you to sort out the most profitable keywords. To achieve quality bid-optimizations, make sure that you’ve enabled the ‘conversion tracking’ in your account.

Campaign Targeting

Another important marker is to determine your campaign’s performance according to time, location, and devices. You can edit your campaign according to these filters by going through settings in your Google Ads account.

The Second Step

After you’ve sorted out the audience to be targeted and organized your ads, it is time to optimize your ad copy. You should focus on these five ingredients of the ads to attract more customers.


The offer presented in your ad should be attractive and irresistible. You can attract the audience by offering a free sample, amazing discounts, and free stuff extra.


Make sure that your headline is relevant to your product/service. It can greatly enhance your quality score and help attract new customers.


Do some research about the kind of qualities the customers want in a product. Then, engagingly describe these qualities to encourage sales.

Website URL

A great URL or CTA at the right spot will help you generate more traffic and achieve more sales.


Extensions can help the audience become more interested in your product/service. So, depending upon the kind of product that you are offering, you can opt for review or location extensions extra.

The Third Step

Now that your ad copy has been optimized, you can build and optimize a great landing page. Here are all the ingredients that you should focus on to attract more customers to your landing page.

Quality Headline

The headline should immediately grab the attention of the audience. So, make sure that you invest in a headline that defines your product in the best possible way.

Unique Details

You should highlight those aspects of the product that make it stand out from the crowd. For example, if you are offering hiring services, then you should discuss some unique talent acquisition strategies used by your firm to engage your audience.

Sources that Improve Credibility

You should display your collaboration with other renowned organizations to improve your credibility. Proof of membership with your local chamber of commerce can also help you build your brand rapport.


Make sure that your landing page has an attractive and clearly defined CTA so that the potential customers can take the next steps easily.

Lastly, you should always keep testing your keywords and the performance of your landing pages to attract more audience. An outdated aspect of your Google ad campaign can easily make your loose valuable customers. So, make sure that you keep updating everything to get better conversion rates.