Zee5 HiPi – A short video platform for content creators


HiPi is a content creating platform provided by ZEE5. This platform provides you many interesting features for you to be an amazing influencer; you can create many engaging content, whether it be dancing, singing, or creating funny reels. This application is best for showcasing your talent and embracing it over time with viewers. Your talent is not to be submerged but to be expressed. This application can aid you in expressing it.

This new application comes as a part of the ZEE5 application and is readily available for android users. In HiPi you can create videos up to 90 seconds, and to add more creative edge to your content, you can include amazing varieties of music tracks, filters, and visual effects embedded in the application. This platform has attracted 400 influencers already by its startling features.

How to be an influencer using this platform.

Step 1: Register into HiPi

Install ZEE5 in your android devices. Click on the register provided in your device screen to fill your basic details. Create an innovative profile to attract viewers, and your account is ready. Now you can surf through the application and add your preferences for a better experience.

Step 2: create your video

 This platform can help you be an artistic influence by just joining this vibrant content creating community.

You firstly have to click on the “+” sign that is available at the bottom of the application. Record your content and add your artistic edge with an amazing collection of music, filters, effects, and much more and become a HiPiDom and spread your muse.

Step 3: share your HiPiLove

You can follow your favorite artist on this platform and comment on their videos or share their videos with your friends or loved ones to other social media platforms through the share button available in the application.

Step 4: accept the challenge

If you have joined this platform, you can embrace your content over time by discovering the latest challenges treading on HiPi like #fitbit #myfavdialogue . This can open up many new viewers to your content. Follow the space to know what’s trending so that you can contribute your own share of artistic vision in this platform and become a great influencer.


Be an artist by using this platform to showcase your best talents, whether it be dancing, singing, or even comedies, to show your witty side. This application is very easy to use and is an amazing space that encourages your ability to create content for pure entertainment purposes.