A Session Upon Beauty And Fashion Regime


They say each part of human body must achieve some fixed proportion, as there is still the debate running: whether our forehead should be wider or not, having fair or pale skin or weather have golden tanned skin, and another debate which is revolving is whether a muscular or a sinewy face is beautiful or a thin one, there are still some other things which are perplexing a common men, they are confused to do which one, they are struck between. The meters are not yet settle upon.

Achieve artificial beauty by artificial means

Beauty in artificial sense is sated and, fixed by common people; those who achieve certain quests at certain rate would be proved beauty guru.

Fixed standards of beauty:beauty


There are certain areas of face which according to makeup artists needed to be thinned, as the crease line of your eye, the wings of the nose, under chin, and the jaw line, Talking of jaw line, the sharper the jaw, the better the label of beauty, stronger jaw means a beautiful feature. Now the question is how to achieve the thinnest level possible, here is the secret,(no more secret) contour, bronzer or any brown color in any foam it would be powder, liquid but not  the gas actually. The function of bronzing or countering is to divert the attention from such areas, these areas are restricted to be noticed, and if those restricted parts got noticed then the standards would not be called.

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Potato face

According to some fixed standards other parts except those restricted parts of your face, where we apply the color brown, need to be highlighted, these are the areas which has to be prominent, which are going to be noticed, all we have to do is making them bigger in the size, here we have to contrast between restricted parts and the highlighted areas, areas such as the center and inner portion of eye, nose bridge along with the tip, cupid bow, cheeks, center of forehead, and the center of collar bones. The highlighting can be achieved by using the highlighters they comes in variety of foams and Colors’ concerning the undertone of your skin, buy the long lasting highlighters use online discount codes, and top vouchers to get extra discount.


Besides the use of makeup there are other elements, metals which are  by many females not just females but men are also using, metals as in the form of jewelry, to create the desired theme, those metals vary from size to size, price to price, as the jewelry can be bought from few cents to billions of dollars, metals are not only used in making of jewelry but also certain stones, minerals, jams’ diamonds, are used too. the most precious, rare and valuable metal is rhodium, and second is platinum and gold which are commonly used by many peoples, buy those “noble metals” online at valuable prices use the philip jones jewellery discount codes to get extra amount off.


one must have a great amount of money, in order to achieve the artificial beauty, because in today’s world it is not possible to purchase tons of makeup, and other expensive beauty products, jewelry and other ornaments would cost fortune, there is no doubt that there in the market cheap products are available too, but before buying them one must know the consequences before.

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