A mobile app to improve school engagement with its students?


Some of the best schools in Faridabad and elsewhere face an important challenge of how to engage actively with their students and their parents through the right platform. Parents who want to play a more active role in the education of their children, but are working full-time, find it difficult to frequently get feedback from the teachers about their ward’s performance in the school. Similarly, teachers or the school authority who wish to inform their students about something related to the school activities also want a platform that would allow them to seamlessly engage with them. Now modern technology has helped in solving this problem. Some of the best schools in NIT Faridabad who have taken to the digital medium in a big way are using mobile apps for this purpose. Therefore, if there is a notice for the date of nursery admission in Faridabad, exam dates, reference notes or any other information related to school activities, these can be accessed on a mobile app. The reason some of the schools have started using their own native mobile app to engage with their students and their parents are as follows.

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1). Millennials are more at ease with mobile apps: The huge explosion of mobile phone users has ensured that the new generation is used to mobile apps for getting different services. People use mobile apps for their primary source of communication. Therefore, having a mobile app for your school will give you a huge advantage in connecting with those parents who are extremely busy in their work and find it very hard to take some time out to have a face-to-face conversation with you regarding the progress of their child in the school.

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2). It offers personalized engagement: The mobile app can be designed in such a way that it offers a highly personalized engagement with the students through email, notifications, sending their report cards and so on. The schools can use targeted push notifications to send specific messages to their students or parents regarding alumni updates, prep courses, weather alerts, school closing, conferences, and many more.

3). Easy to find important information: The mobile app allows the parent to get all the important information in one place. Therefore, if parents want to know when the practice match of their son or daughter is going to happen, or the phone number of the class teacher, or where to find the photos of the school picnic, then the mobile app would be a useful tool to look for them. While this information can also be uploaded into the school website, but since the school website is for the entire school, whereas the mobile app customized for a specific class, it makes customization easy. You can design your school mobile app in such a way that it has filtering options that allow the parent or the student to easily look for specific information. It can also have calendar events that will inform the parents and the students about important school events and any update about them.

The app could also have a directory of phone numbers of all the teachers as well as the parents of the students of the same class so that any parent when required can easily find the number of the relevant person and call them directly for some information.

The mobile app can also have multimedia content like images, videos or documents which will showcase the school events which the app user can see or download.

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