A Healthy Mom To Be: Safe Supplements During Pregnancy

safe supplements during pregnancy

Every pregnancy is different and can be an exciting experience for every mom to be. This moment in time is full of confusion since every person you will meet will have some kind of advice for you.

Televisions, social media, and advertisements are full experts preaching women on how to keep themselves happy and healthy. However, this experience can be overpowering for so many mothers since they cannot decide on things that are harmless or not for them and their little ones.

What is safe and what is not?

We all know how alcohol, cigarettes, mercury, and seafood can be injurious to consume. Your health practitioner will advise you some add-on, which is very vital during pregnancy. However, not all supplements are safe; few varied ones can be doing you more harm than providing you benefits.

Supplements that are unsafe and should be avoided are vitamin – A, vitamin-E, and many herbal enhancements which many women take considering they are safe, without consulting any doctor.

Here we are breaking down for you the supplements that are safe for consumption and should be taken during pregnancy by following up with your doctor.

Supplements that are harmless for consumption during pregnancy

Prenatal vitamins 

These multivitamins are required for escalating the body’s nutrients during pregnancy to lessen the threat of preterm complications such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or an increase of proteins in urine.

These prenatal vitamins contain many minerals that should be combined with a well-balanced diet to prevent any kind of deficiency.

  1. Folic acid

These vitamin-B supplements play a vital role in baby development by increasing the growth of red blood cells that is why these need to be taken regularly.

Folic is very essential for preventing any kind of neural defects. These supplements can also be taken in natural form food like spinach, lentils, banana, lemons, peas, and other enriched foods and products. However, a woman lacks compensating the level of folic needed in the body at the time pregnancy by just diet that is why taking a supplement along with food is highly recommended.

  1. Iron supplement

Iron is the most important supplement required for the mom to be, as the volumes of blood in the body also adds up during pregnancy. Anaemic women tend to have preterm complications and can lead to early delivery.

Iron helps in increasing the oxygen level in the body, which is very essential for the right development of the baby. Though the dosage of iron should be taken on doctor’s advice, otherwise it can cause constipation and high haemoglobin level.

  1. Vitamin- D supplement

Vitamin –D is essential for healthy bone and the immune system. Your health practitioner will get your vitamin-D level checked, in the beginning, to ensure that you have the appropriate level or not. Deficiency can cause early delivery and diabetes, which increases the possibility of caesarean.

  1. Magnesium

Magnesium deficiency during pregnancy can lead to early delivery and can have many chemical reactions. Therefore, if you have magnesium deficiency your doctor will be advising you a supplement for it.

  1. Probiotics 

Many expectant mothers prefer to keep their gut healthy this is where the regular intake of probiotics can be very beneficial. Consuming these living microorganisms can help your digestive system. These help to reduce the chances of diabetes, postpartum depression, and many other infections and dermatitis.

The bottom line

Vitamins, magnesium, iron, folic acid, and other supplements are safe for consumption, as and how advised by the doctor to make your pregnancy healthy and safe. You should discuss consult with your doctor for the dosages instead of taking it yourself.

Consult a good health centre like Crysta care for your pregnancy. They ensure that your necessary pregnancy checks are done on time, knowing about the levels of your body immunity for baby’s healthy growth and development. With Crysta pregnancy and infertility services, prenatal care is easy and smooth for every mom to be.

A supplement does not mean that your nutritional value will be managed, taking a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle is also necessary. A good sleep, exercise, and low-stress level should be followed during this time.