A Guide on How to Use CBD Vape Pens


CBD vape pens are becoming many consumer’s preferred way to enjoy their favorite herbs or plant extracts. The reason is obvious, though—these devices are very portable, mostly odorless, and very easy to use. Using a CBD vape pen makes vaping very easy, even if you’re a first-timer. Initially, high-quality vape pens were mainly used to vape nicotine, but today, they are mainly used with CBD vape oil cartridges and CBD liquid. Since vape pens are versatile devices, they can be used with different atomizers, allowing you to vape different substances.

Even if you’re new to CBD oil vaping, we’re glad to let you know that it’s not rocket science. This guide will teach you how to use a CBD vape pen.

Parts of a Vape Pen

Before we proceed, let’s get acquainted with each unique part that makes up a CBD vape pen. A typical CBD oil vape pen consists of the following components:

Battery: A CBD vape pen is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, just like your cell phone battery.

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Atomizer: Positioned between the mouthpiece and the battery, it heats the CBD oil into vapor.

CBD vape cartridge/tank: This is a disposable cartridge pre-filled with CBD oil. There is also a tank that you can manually fill with CBD vape juice.

Sensor and software: This component controls the temperature. It differs depending on the model of the CBD vape pen (buttonless (automatic) or push-button (manual))

Guide to Using A CBD Vape Pen

Here, you’ll learn some basic information on how to properly use your high-quality vape pen to avoid damaging your new purchase:

Charge Your Pen

Most portable vaporizer batteries require to be charged before first use. Once you unpack your CBD vape pen, charge it with the charger provided by the manufacturer. Be patient as it may take several hours for the battery to fully charge. Ensure you only charge your Drdabber CBD vape pen with its charger. Some vape pen batteries match other brands of chargers; however, the off-brand charger may damage your vape pen battery. Do not risk the battery life!

Read the Manual

While you wait for the CBD vape pen to charge, read the manual from start to finish. Well-designed CBD vape products should provide spontaneous functionality, but a little preparation can sometimes save you from future disasters. The instructions will tell you how to use your portable vaporizer and how to maintain and clean it to function smoothly after use. Be sure to look for information on how often you need to do some basic things such as changing coils, atomizer, or cartridges.

Dry Run It

Before filling in your new CBD vape pen, assemble and turn on the unit according to the manufacturer’s described method. If it has different temperature settings, set it to the maximum. Otherwise, leave it active for 30 to 60 seconds. This will burn all residues left behind during the production process and provide you with a cleaner vaporizer.

Load Your Material

See the instruction manual for details on how to load your vape pen. However, in general, a CBD vape pen requires the material to be dabbed onto the heating element, and the CBD oil poured into the vape tank.

Toke Up

Some CBD oil vape pens automatically heat up when you inhale, and there are some you turn on by pressing a button. There’s a light that indicates when the device is on. Inhale the atomized CBD oil through the mouthpiece. After each puff, inhale some fresh air so as to push the CBD particles into your lungs, and leave it for a few seconds.

Take Your Time

If this is your first time vaping, it’s best to start slowly. Go easy. Just take one or two draws and wait to find your bearings and check the gauges before proceeding. Take a deep breath and embrace this fantastic world.

Choose the Right Temperature

The right temperature is key when it comes to vaping CBD oil. Most beginners use simple CBD oil vape pens with basic functionality. Usually, these types of portable vaporizers do not have variable heat settings and they are programmed to heat up between 350-420°F (the optimum oil temperature). If your model has variable voltage settings, the optimum temperature depends on the accessory connected and your desired result. Thin, delicate and savory vapor is obtained by vaping at lower temperatures between 315-345°F. For denser, hard-hitting vapor, a higher temperature between 345-420°F should be selected.

Maintenance and Cleaning

One major reason why CBD vape pens are popular is that maintenance and cleaning are easy and quick. Most times, you don’t even need to do any cleaning. However, you will pretty much want to clean the exterior of the CBD vape pen occasionally to keep it clean. Never use harsh chemicals or water to clean a portable vaporizer. One wipe on the lens is enough.

Final Thoughts

After reading this guide on how to use a portable vaporizer, the process will be as simple as 1-2-3. If you’ve used CBD tinctures or capsules for a while, vaping is a great transition. Although, some are reluctant to switch, trust us when we say vaping is easier to get started than you think.

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