A game of power and mind

A game of power and mind

ZEE5 is back with a bang with yet another series to help you get through the times of Lockdown. The Casino is an amalgamation of so many edgy scenes. To begin with, casinos are known to be a game of power and mind games all together.

In the series The Casino, you are going to see everything from mind games to glamour, from action to the mystery, from power to deceit. When you see the tagline #MyGameMyRules you are sure to see something as powerful as that tagline.

The CasinoIt is all about people playing their individual games in order to become the best and get the power. The cast of the series is stunning with Karanvir Bohra in the lead, alongside Mandana Karimi, Sudhanshu Pandey and Aindrita Roy. They have a really strong screen presence with bold and action-filled scenes. If you see the quality of production, it is definitely a grand production with stunning captures, good cinematography, lovely locations and grand hotels throughout the series. The cast in the series seems to be in very flashy attire and have topped the game of fashion. 

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The storyline is actually very typical and pretty predictable. A very reluctant heir of a huge Casino Giant is trying to do something in life or maybe struggling to do something. The giant has a keeper who really wants to overthrow him and become the boss right there. She acts like a complete boss babe and tries to charm people first and eventually kill them so that her plans work. Similarly, when she tries to charm another target, the trailer creates suspense at that very moment and now wants you to watch the whole thing whether the keeper succeeds in her plan or not. It seems like a very known story but since the shoot quality is great you have a thing to look forward to. The only conflict here is seeing Sudhanshu Pandey playing the role of a father to Karanvir Bohra who does not really have a huge age gap in reality.

The good thing is that a short patch of work (if I predict it right) was shot at home with respect to social distancing and that showed the dedication of the crew to put this together. It didn’t seem like a patchwork and flowed beautifully. 

The Casino1

Mandana Karimi manages to look extremely beautiful and elegant with her attire and Karanvir Bohra who already is an excellent actor has done justice to his character. The plot could have been a little more interesting because we’ve seen so many plots of a similar taste. A little more mystery could have made it better. What’s surprising is that there are short parallel plots in the trailer that disappear very quickly. 

They are actually the interesting ones but I think screen space for them is comparatively lesser. Like the game of casino, this series also is full of mind games, actions, power and much more. To see who will win the battle of #MyGameMyRules, tune in to ZEE5 and watch this season. Grab a popcorn because you never know what’s about to come in there.

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