A Few Great Reasons Why You Should Own A Bong


Although many might not realise why, the humble bong is one of the most prized accessories in any serious smoker’s arsenal. It’s not only because they’re available in such a wide variety of sizes, styles, shapes and colours – these devices have some serious advantages over more traditional forms of smoking, such as joints and pipes. Because some of these nifty advantages might not be so clear, in this article we take a look at a few great reasons why a bong should be number one on your wish list.

How bongs function

There is a reason why bongs are one of the top smoker accessories in Australia – they offer a far superior method of smoking than other traditional forms of combustion. Basically, bongs work by pulling smoke through a water chamber when inhaled, which serves to very quickly cool the smoke down. This cool smoke lacks much of the harshness that newly combusted smoke has, and also allows people to take in the smoke at their own leisure. The water also functions to modify the taste of the smoke to some extent, smoothening out some of the harsher tones which in turn allows for the smoker to better appreciate the subtle flavours of the material itself. If you want a way to inhale lots of smoke at once, then that is definitely something that bongs also allow you to do!Although you might think all this heat would damage the bong, you’d be quite wrong – bongs are made of heat-resistant glass designed to withstand very high temperatures, which means you’ll never have to worry about them cracking due to the presence of a flame.

Understanding which bong to choose

Although you might already know that getting a bong is a good idea, the problem that any run into is regarding which one to choose. For starters, make sure that you avoid getting the cheapest possible option. This is because cheaper bongs with shoddy build quality sometimes have lower quality seals, which are responsible for keeping the smoke inside of the actual device. It’s actually a good idea to spend a little bit of money, as a bong is something you’ll likely use frequently and keep for a long time, so in that sense it is very much an investment. This way you can choose the styling and size that speaks to you, rather than needing to work around a tiny and restrictive budget. This is also the case if you’re new to the smoking world – a bong is a great entry point due to its simplicity and pleasant flavour, so spending a little bit to have something for ages is a great idea!

A few things to keep in mind before you buy a bong

Before you drop some coin on a brand new smoker bong, there are a few things you should remember. Firstly, the more water in your bong, the more filtration you can expect, which means that larger bonds offer superior filtration. Secondly, the more bubbles you see will generally mean better filtration and lastly, paying attention to the bits that are left over – resins and unnecessary particles left on the walls – should give you an idea of all the things that aren’t making it into your lungs.