A Demanding Life of A Lawyer- Roles And Responsibility

    Lawyer in Dubai

    The attorney or lawyer, have to represent their client. They have to take care of all the documentation, and fight their case in front of a judge. They are swamped with lots of responsibilities which can become quite hectic.

    Lawyers in Dubai

    Every state has rules and regulations, which everyone has to follow, if you consult an advocate in Dubai, he/she will work within the legalities that the state has laid down. So you are away from any hassle if you go for professional assistance.

    Lawyers have a lot of responsibility that they have to handle from day to day life.

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    Duties and responsibilities

    If they are filling for a litigation case for you, they are required to brief their client about it, they need to explain all the legal complications that can arise, and share your concerns or any other query that you might have related to the case.

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    If they have an ongoing case, they have to research for all the shreds of evidence, details, reports, and documents, anything that is related to the case that may not have been looked into earlier.


    The client needs to be interpretive about the case law and decisions made by the judge. They have to analyse the case and interpret the outcomes and the changes happening during the course of the case.

    While working on the case the lawyer has to plan and make strategies about the way they are going to effectively handle the case. They have to ensure that the case result goes as planned in order to avoid that it goes on a trial thus saving cost and time of the client.

    They have to prepare wills, deeds and other documentation related to the client’s needs.

    They have to personally represent the client in front of the jury and the judge. They are required to represent the case personally and produce all the facts related to it in such a way that the case goes in favour of the client.

    Apart from responsibilities they have various skills they need to work on, to make the client feel at ease.

    Good communication skills 

    A good advocate should be able to communicate well with the client about their cases and they should be able to explain the whole case effectively both the positive and negative aspects of it. They should be able to listen efficiently by being very clear about the case orally as well as in writing.

    A confident and bold personality

    A lawyer has to be very confident and has to control their emotions especially when something goes in the opposite of what you were expecting in judgement. They have to be very much in control in the court, considering there is a critical audience attending the case as well.

    They should have strong critical thinking skills

    The lawyer needs to have strong critical thinking which will enable them, to bring out every problem that can occur in the case and have a solution for it. They have to find the best possible outcome in order to proceed with the case as planned.

    They should know how to research well

    Every lawyer should be well equipped to carry out a detailed research and cringe out all the information that is needed for the case.

    Interpersonal skills

    Interpersonal skills are very important especially when you are a lawyer; they have to be supportive and have to make their client feel comfortable especially when they may not feeling their best.

    The unpredictable working hours of a lawyer

    A lawyer is always up to the neck when it comes to handling cases, managing employees and documentation of the client. They have to strive towards completing their deadlines on time, especially those who are practising independently, without joining any firm.

    When they work independently, they may or may not have associates working with them so all the workload is onto them.

    Solo or with a firm, they have to be on their toes, full time and usually work late hours to meet timelines.

    Summing up: lawyers in Dubai

    Role of the lawyer is to be efficient and develop certain skills to be known for being the best in their field. Whether practising solo or working in a state or a private firm, they are always under a lot of mental pressure.

    They travel, research and present the case and have to be well prepared for any kind of hurdle that can occur in this process. So while choosing a lawyer in dubai, ensure you look at well-reputed firms having a history of successful cases to be assured that the case with be handled diligently.

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