A complete homeowner’s maintenance checklist


A complete homeowner’s maintenance checklist when you think about buying a house, most of us consider the initial financial cost required to purchase your homes like a down payment or the monthly mortgage. However, being a homeowner involves so much more. There are a lot of other necessary expenses and maintenance tasks that you have to consider and schedule. Just like your car, your home also requires regular tune-ups, repairs, and maintenance to ensure everything is running smoothly.

That said, the good news is that a lot of these tasks you can do yourself or consult detailed instructions on repairs and DIY videos. However, every now and then you need to avail professional services to get the job done effectively, such as for termite inspection and septic tank pumping. Depending on the type of task you must schedule a repair or maintain home equipment according to their lifetime. For example, professionals recommend getting septic tank pumping done after every few years, however, it also depends on other factors like the number of residents.

Keep up with the maintenance schedule

To make the most of your time and keep up with timely maintenance of your home, you need to make a schedule and make sure to follow it. This will actually make it possible to take different tasks and chores today throughout the year. A schedule will help make things more manageable and less overwhelming for you.

To further make home maintenance easier, we provide you a complete breakdown of recommended monthly and quarterly home maintenance checklist. Make sure to tweak this list according to what works for you and keep up with your schedule as it will not only make home maintenance seem almost too easy but it also enhances the joy of owning your house.

Homeowner’s monthly maintenance checklist

Upkeep of a house involves a wide range of tasks and activities, where some parts of the house don’t require frequent repair and maintenance, others need regular monitoring. Here are some of the major things to check, replace, repair, or just maintain on a monthly basis to ensure your house stays in great shape.

Inspect your humidifier filter

Make sure you change the filters as required or according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. You want to make sure that the moisture entering your house doesn’t contain nasty airborne particles and the unit doesn’t dry out. Besides, if you live in a dry climate, you may be required to change the filter more frequently.

Inspect the HVAC filters

Make sure you inspect filters and check them for any leaks around the unit. Using foil tape may be a bit expensive but it can last longer as compared to duct tape, which you will have to replace when it falls off in a few months or so.

Clean your sink disposal and dishwasher

If you have people complaining or you smell something funky when standing in the kitchen it might be the sink waste disposal or dishwasher. A great tip to clean your dishwasher and keep it smelling fresh is to use a little baking soda with vinegar.

Clean range hood filters

When you are using your stove, the steam rising contains all kinds of good smells but it also creates a layer of grease and oils. Make sure at least once a month you look under the hood and clean the range hood grates and make sure it is properly working.

Homeowner’s quarterly maintenance checklist

Not all tasks and repairs need your attention every month. Here are a few items that don’t necessarily require frequent repair, but you should at least check them on a quarterly basis for good upkeep of the house.

Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

As a homeowner, the safety of your home and its residents should be your top priority, and spending a few minutes examining these detectors can help you keep the house and everyone safe. Many of these detectors have a test button or light that blinks after every 30 seconds or so to indicate with they are in proper working condition.

Check your garage door sensor

Make sure you check your garage door sensors; it not only allows you to protect your car hood from a bruise or bump but a more important reason would be to protect your family and friends.

Inspect your fire extinguisher

The small gauge on the side of your extinguisher must point to the charge of the unit. After every couple of months, you should check the fire extinguisher and ensure it is functional in case you may ever need to use it.

Check your roof

It is important to check your roof periodically however make sure you do it safely. A quick visual inspection should be enough or if you feel the need you can also call a professional to give the roof a closer look. They will check for potential ice dams, leakages, and broken or worn shingles.

Other maintenance

Home maintenance doesn’t necessarily involve repairing or replacing. A complete and great home maintenance checklist must include overall safety measures that protect, your family, and keep up the house. Regularly checking different elements of the house just to know what elements would need repair and when is also part of the overall home maintenance. Make sure you consider these other maintenance items as well, based on your specific house needs, your locality, climate, and more.

  • Deep clean your dryer vents
  • Check windows and screens
  • Clean up your landscape
  • Clean showerheads and faucet aerators
  • Sweep the chimney
  • Organize a fire safety plan
  • Test alarm system
  • Change HVAC/ furnace filters
  • Check and address to weatherstrip
  • Drain the water heater
  • Recycle old paint

That said, only you would know what your house needs to maintain its value and keep providing a safe and healthy space for you and your family to live. However, make sure you understand the condition of your home affect everything from the value of the property in case you decide to sell it in the near future and the mood and mental health of your family. Make sure you keep up your home so that it continues to provide you joy.