A complete guide to buying torque tightening bolts

A complete guide to buying torque tightening bolts
A complete guide to buying torque tightening bolts

Bolt torque tightening is important equipment used by various machinists. If you are planning to get hold of torque table, here is a list of key things to consider-

  • Premium Quality- Even if you are buying the product virtually, assess the quality by reading customer testimonials and product specifications. Quality torque prevents inefficiencies in the task and lowers down the overall cost. Certain wrenches have the capacity to withstand stains and greases for a prolonged period. Stripes are more in favour since they are proved to be more durable in the lot.
  • Size- Determine the size according to your requirements. If you would be needing the product on a daily basis, you can go for a size accordingly, however, for a crucial job the size should be specific. This increases flexibility of the operator and reduces complications in the job. Some of the wrenches are fuelled by batteries, while others depend on electricity.

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  • Capacity- This depends from one product to the next to cater to variety of market requirements. Before purchasing high capacity torque, consult with a mechanic who is aware of the varying degrees. High capacity is basically befitting for automobile and industrial used like truck maintenance and care.
  • Precision- High precision is synonymous with safety and exactness and is purchased after checking the calibration and deviation level. Check the internal mechanism of the product before making the final payment.

Torque tightening values for bolts can function with high precision and the optimum torque required for tightening can be adequately determined by reading the table. Customers can also do a quick mental calculation of the relationship between the torque and its consequent amount of tension. Furthermore, besides bolt control method, for high relevance, other methods like rotation angle, torque gradient, elongation measurement, and loading method can also be considered. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages to it. For instance, with torque control procedure, the operation and control over tightening are relatively easier than other methods.

The uniformity in bolt tensioning should be, however, maintained to prevent accidents or hazards like breaking of the gasket. To avoid the same proper lubrication of the nuts and bolts is advised by the experts. Nowadays, the best quality machines revolve around the concept of high output with minimum efforts invested. Each product is nonetheless packed with detailed application and utilization summary.

Using torque tightening bolt is a smart approach over other methods that use direct stress. The necessity of a chart is furthermore accentuated by the fact that each application has a unique set of rules. If more amount of friction is present, the torque is needed to be higher to overcome it. Additionally, the torque value is determined by the material quality of the bolt since bolts possess varying metallic properties such as lug and exhaust bolts. Whenever you are consulting a chart to browse through the torque values, make sure it is from a sound publication and is used for routine maintenance. A reputed supplier can equip with sound advice which could play a crucial role in avoiding erroneous purchases.

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