A Complete Guide on How To Start Your Own Online Courier & Parcel Delivery Business?


In metro cities, if you pay attention to the density of traffic which is marked by traffic and the number of vehicles you will find out that increased traffic density is the main reason for the need for courier services to facilitate and accelerate the movement of goods from one place to another. For those who want to start an on demand courier and parcel delivery app, here are the things that must be considered:

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Means of Transportation and Communication Media

The most suitable means of transportation for any courier dispatch software is motorcycle. Apart from being small in size making it easy to get through traffic, the fuel needed by motorbikes is also quite cheap and the cost of motorcycle maintenance is quite affordable. That way, you will save time shipping goods and save capital costs.

The most appropriate communication medium is cell phones which also contain your package delivery software. The reason, cell phones are easy to carry and do not require a large place. In addition, you can also quickly contact and receive replies. Communication tools must be considered to facilitate business operations for any courier tracking software.

Staff Hiring

For employees who are used as couriers, you must hire employees who are familiar with the ins and outs of the city to alternative roads to avoid traffic jams. In addition, qualities such as honesty, diligence, trustworthiness and perseverance must also be considered. Employees who can act as a courier in the last mile delivery optimization system, can be considered to deliver the goods.

In addition to looking for introductory employees, you also need employees for administrative matters such as receiving orders and communicating with customers. Look for employees who are thorough and friendly and polite and have good interpersonal skills.


To introduce your services to many people, you can use the internet. In addition to its low cost, the internet is also fast and can spread information to many people at once. An example of using the internet for marketing is with social media accounts.

When doing promotions, it’s best to have a target audience that fits your promotion method. If you have a target household consumer, then you can spread your services in the market or shopping center. If the target market is employees, they can promote the company.

Diversity of Services and Products

In order to make your Real Time Delivery Tracking System to survive and excel from competitors, you can offer different packages such as package or document delivery, package pick-up packages to expeditions, packages to buy ordered goods and delivery of these items to customers and COD (Cash on Delivery) services.

There are even some courier services that offer services to queue up tickets for transportation and entertainment services such as bus tickets, train tickets, cinema tickets to concert tickets. You can also offer food and beverage purchase services to add to the diversity of services offered.

Because the competition will be faced not only by fellow offline courier services but also online, you must ensure that not only is focused on individual customers but also agencies to companies, so that your business can continue to run well.

Risk Management

In running a business, you must be prepared with all the risks that might occur, such as bad weather, accidents in traffic, damage to vehicles, to traffic density. This obstacle certainly can hamper your business operations. Always prepare yourself with a backup plan so that business operations can continue.

Other problems can also occur from communication problems such as wrong address due to administrative errors or late delivery of goods. To avoid this, you can compensate customers whose goods are delivered late or do not promise punctuality when traffic is heavy. In addition, provide guarantees for goods delivered, for example compensation if the item is lost or damaged.

To Conclude

For courier services, your profits are largely determined by customer satisfaction. If the customer is satisfied, the customer will help you to promote it for others or return to using the services offered. Therefore, always make sure that in your operations, always put the quality of service and customer satisfaction first by using the last mile route optimization solution.