9 Signs You Should Hire a Roofing Company

hire a roofing company

Did you know that your roof is one of the best ways to save money on your energy bills? While many people think the roof is simply protection against the elements, it also helps to moderate the temperature of the home. But do you know when your roof is in need of repair?

There are a number of signs your roof needs help. Read on as we discuss when you should call in the help of a roofing company.

1. Sagging

Sagging on a roof does not just occur in the middle, but can be anywhere on the surface itself. It is always a structural problem, and you need to call a local roofing company immediately. It needs professional assistance or could collapse, so do not attempt a DIY fix.

Most likely, it will be the result of damaged beams inside the roof structure. If you have an older roof, a winter with a lot of snow and ice can cause the roof to give way. Standing at the curb and holding a ruler at eye level along the roof crest to see if it is dipped is an easy and effective way to test it.

2. Moss Growth

Moss growth, along with mold and fungi on a roof, is not a good sign. It can indicate that moisture may be trapped in the roof itself. This can cause a number of problems both on the roof and in the property.

Many people hire a cleaner to power wash the algae off. However, this is only a temporary solution. Roofing companies will be able to perform an assessment and fix any damage while providing a long-term solution.

3. Granule Accumulation

If your roof uses asphalt shingles, you’ll notice that they often give off smaller granules. This is quite normal. However, if the granules start to increase and accumulate, then it is a sign that the shingles are breaking down quickly.

You will normally find these shingles forming silt in your guttering. Not only can they block the waterways, but it is a sign that the shingles are no longer effective. They will need replacing, so call one of the best roofing companies you can find to help you out.

4. Changes in Utility Bills

Heating and cooling your home will be one of the biggest utility expenditures you have. There are a number of reasons why this may suddenly increase. It could be hikes in prices, an inefficient HVAC system, poor siding, or insulation.

If none of these seem to be to blame, then you should get your roof inspected. If your roof is poorly insulated, it will let out the hot air as it rises, meaning your heating system has to work overtime. If it is poorly ventilated, then the hot air will stay there in summer increasing your cooling bills.

Even in winter, you don’t really want too much hot air accumulating in your roof. As snow and ice hit, they will melt, then reform as icicles when they reach the edge. This causes ice damming, which can release unwanted moisture into the home causing water damage.

5. Loose Nails

Missing and loose nails do not offer the roof shingles the support they need. This means your roof and its covering have an increased risk of blowing off or letting in moisture.

If you see nails that look as if they are moving outward, then you should get an inspection. This is a trait that happens due to natural expansion and contraction in the wood. This can result in lifted shingles that allow in moisture and let heat escape from the inside of the roof.

6. Light in the Attic

One way to check for problems with your roof is to look inside, inside of trying to check it from the street. Go up into the attic space during the day and see if any light is managing to work its way through. if you can see any stains or streaks, then it means that moisture is penetrating the surface of the roof.

7. Broken Shingles

Shingles on the roof are the barrier against the elements. They let water drips away from the home without causing problems and keep the house insulated. If you have shingles that are damaged, missing, or even curling and peeling, then they need replacing.

Typically, asphalt shingles can last between 10 and 15 years if they have been installed properly. An expert service such as Far West Roofing will be able to replace broken shingles and even refit the whole roof at an affordable price.

8. Signs of Moisture

If your roof is accumulating moisture, it will be visible in a number of ways and places around the home. Start by looking at the siding of your home. If it is made from vinyl, you may notice mildew on the surface which is from moisture in the attic.

Check the walls on the exterior of the house. Peeled or blistered paint is also a sign of moisture. In the interior, you may notice mildew forming on the joint between the wall and ceiling.

9. Clogged Gutters

Gutters that do not have guards can collect leaves, trees, and shrubbery. In addition, any loose debris from the roof such as shingles, granules, and nails can also build up. This then backs up the water, causing damns at the edge of your home.

While bad guttering may not solely be down to roof deterioration, it could be a factor. Call out a roofing expert to assess the situation and let you know how to proceed.

Find a Trusted Roofing Company

When searching for a roofing company, look local. Check listings and online reviews in the area and speak to others. Very often, they will be willing to come and do a free assessment and let you know what state the roof is actually in.

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