9 Must-Visit Places in Indore India: “Tourist Guide”

  1. Kothari Market Indore India

 If you’re keen on to buy albeit you’ve got enough clothes then you can’t miss the Kothari Market, it’s the proper place for you to explore. Kothari Market Indore India place offers you a good range of options and sorts of clothes which too at a reasonable price. you’ll pick the maximum amount as you’ll and like it’s all up to you. It offers a really wide selection of vibrant colours and style patterns within the clothes.

Specialities: a good range of garments, shoes

Location: Gandhi Road

  1. Sarafa Bazaar

 If you’re a devotee of jewellery then don’t miss out Sarafa Bazaar. This place is one of the foremost popular places in Indore. Which are well-known for offering high-quality and unmatched designs of jewellery pieces everywhere M.P. The favoured design in Indore jewellery referred to as Meenakari is that the true reflection of the perfection that the keepers of the shop here have. you’ll find some amazing collection of jewellery design that can’t be found anywhere else India. Although Home and Kitchen Appliances not available still it’s one among the foremost visited places. Don’t worry you’ll check here.

Specialities: Jewelry collections

Location: Sarafa Bazaar

  1. C21 Mall

 It is one of the foremost popular Mall in M.P. This shopping destination will assist you to find all the newest and stylish stuff without many difficulties. From Electronics to new branded clothes, this shopping place is one among the favoured choices amongst the younger crowd of Indore. To be trendy without investing an enormous amount in their shopping expense. Most of the youth get interested in C21 Mall because it’s everything to supply.

The big sort of place will surely attract you for trying each and everything available within the mall. The good ambience and availability of known brands are a number of the opposite attractions of this mall.

Specialities: Popular brands, the newest and stylish buy

Location: A.B Road

  1. MT Cloth Market

Ladies would “love-love” this place such a lot, this shopping place is nothing but a shopping paradise for the women. Also popularly referred to as the Maharaja Tukoganj Market. This shopping place has all the eye-catchy designs and varieties which will attract all the women, wherever you look you get hooked thereto.

To make you more excited about shopping at this place, you’ll totally believe the standard and price of your buys from this place. We strongly recommend visiting and shopping during this place. You’ll get one among the best quality everywhere M.P.

Specialities: Garments, Maheshwari, Chanderi and other sorts of sarees

Location: Maharaja Tukoji Rao Holker Cloth Market

  1. Pakeeza Indore India

I still remember the very first time I visited Indore with my father we visited Pakeeza for my baby clothes. This place is yet one more great option in terms of shopping places in Indore. Once you’re trying to seek out amazing options for garments and jewellery pieces. This shopping place is one of the foremost visited places in Indore by the tourists and visitors who try to seek out some great deals at cheaper prices.

If you’re a primary-time visitor to Indore and are trying to find a trusted place to buy, Pakeeza is the perfect destination for you.

Specialities: Cheaper deals of clothing, jewellery pieces

Location: A.B. Road

  1. Punjab Jewellers

One of the foremost visited places. This is often the shopping place which you’ll trust for locating all the gorgeous, authentic, bright and attractive designs of jewellery. The shop has been on the marketplace for quite while and this is often one among the foremost trusted shopping destinations amongst the people of Indore. I’m pretty sure you aren’t getting to complain about the service they supply.

The place can serve you with the foremost fabulous designs which you’ll surely fall crazy with.

Specialities: Authentic and fabulous jewellery

Location: Gandhi Road

  1. Central Mall Indore India

Imagine how convenient it’d be for the tourists and visitors to shop for during an area where they have to be visited for the first time if they’re going to find all the required stuff at one single place. The Central Mall of Indore can deliver you with the same pleasing experience.

This place features a set of the various shops where you will find all the specified and desired stuff. Most of the shops during this complex will provide you with a reduced price, thus you’ll make sure to possess an incredible time while shopping at this place.

Specialities: differing types of necessary stuff like clothing, accessories, footwear, jewellery, household needs like Juicer Mixer, Pans etc.

Location: South Tukoganj

  1. Khajuri Bazaar

This place offers some unlimited varieties and options of books to shop for from. Right from syllabus books to novels, magazines and periodic reads, this place is that the sole where you’d wish to be when trying to seek out any quite book shopping. it’s one of the oldest markets in Indore and thus is popular amongst the visitors also. if you’re good at bargaining, this market is all yours.

Specialities: all kinds of book shopping

Location: Khajuri Bazaar

  1. Chappan Bazaar

You might have gotten some idea of the name of the place that it’s somewhere or the other related to the quantity Chappan or 56. Well, you’re right. This shopping place in Indore is kind of different from the quality market destinations in Indore.

Unlike the regular shopping destinations in Indore, this marketplace features a complete of 56 shops and each one among them are of food. Thus, this place promises you to provide you with good options and kinds of food items that you simply simply can ever imagine.

Specialities: differing types of food items

Location: Palasia Road