9 Ideas which pre wedding photographers may use


Many years ago, it was just a brief period which would get invested by the families of couples for preparation. However, with changing times, there is a pool of elements diversifying the arrangements and celebrations. Pre-wedding photography is one such segment which every couple loves to incorporate in their marriage ceremonies. In fact, it is the creativity of pre-wedding photographers currently which extracts the chemistry of the couple with utmost ease. Be it candidness, selection of the location and adding props as the perfect accessory to accentuate the work of pre-wedding or any other innovative thought process which pre-wedding photographer employs ultimately proves to be worthwhile.

9 Trending Ideas which pre-wedding photographers may use in 2021

It’s worth understanding how some of the activities make the pre-wedding photography successful too with absolute elegance. Let’s take a look some of the trending ideas which pre wedding photographers have used to ensure that fleeting memories are recorded with perfection:

1. Just like a film plot

In India, it’s for sure that everybody admires some of the scenes from the favourite film. When it comes to replicating these moments by the pre-wedding photographers, then, the subtleness and graceful arrangements are taken care of precisely. The advanced features of camera and accessories make the work of photographers much simplified to let the couple attain limelight in the pre-wedding shoot just like the film plot.

2. Foodie couple sharing happy moments

 Raising a toast and getting clicked with your favourite food with your soulmate will be the perfect combination worth discussing with the top pre-wedding photographers.

3. Recalling the first meeting and initial phase of relationship

Nostalgia is always the treasure for couples and getting these eventful moments framed in pre-wedding photography will be the perfect idea which one can talk it out with the shortlisted pre-wedding photographers.

4. Vintage reflection in the pre-wedding shoot

Props like gramophone, vintage car and other classic elements altogether contribute to the superb effect in pre-wedding photography.

5. Teaming up with friends on the shoot

The best pre-wedding photographers are always ready with options and when the couple is looking for exclusive apart from regular poses and styles, then, they team the couple up with their friends. This is also the ideal approach to bring natural emotions like group laughter and other candidness. On the other hand, dress code, colour combination and group theme are likely to make a pre-wedding shoot impressive.

6. Cheering the moment with water

 Sitting by the pool, sipping juice or sharing an underwater intimate moment for pre-wedding photography are becoming some of the modern ideas which couple fond of water would definitely love. All it takes to get immersed in aqua life during the shoot is to connect with the pre-wedding photographers and seek suggestions.

7. Nature lovers get serene theme

 In case, the love for nature is a common factor that binds the couple, then, posing around trees in a creative manner will be the foremost idea which the pre-wedding photographers will come up with. They are also adept in making nature as the prop with several adaptations. Hence, contacting these photographers and understanding their style of shoot amidst nature would be the ideal decision.

8. Go miniature style

 Tricks of photography, adjusting the angle and creating the right impact of miniature make pre-wedding photographers superior. With this effect, a mini version of the couple is shot to explore the world amazingly. The use of graphics, visuals and post-editing effects together make this idea a memorable journey for the soul mates.

9. Amidst the woods

Candid photography, simplistic yet deep photography amidst the woods and using outdoor themes as the predominant factor is the idea which pre-wedding photographers can utilize if your preference matches to the concept.

Furthermore, it will not at all be wrong to say that pre-wedding shoots are about compiling interesting elements and presenting them with unmatched excellence. The team of pre-wedding photographers coordinate with each other and complement accuracy with the expectations of the shoot. Often popular with the name of engagement shoot, pre-wedding photo shoots has become a part and parcel of wedding celebrations. The comfort level between the photographer and couple is also built through this shoot which gets conducted often 6 months before the wedding approximately.

The need to hire pre-wedding photographers


Hiring professional photographers for weddings has always been part of the plan. Nevertheless, with the ever changing trends, it has also become important for the couple to undergo ice-breaking moments away from family and relatives. It is the chemistry of a couple which gets highlighted in the work of pre-wedding photographers who leave no stone unturned to freeze candid photos and videos with their innovative vision. Most of all, it is their expertise and creativity which makes pre-wedding photographers mastermind behind the management of timing for each shot further letting the couple enjoy these moments throughout their life.

Final Words

In addition, there is no dearth of themes and ideas which the best pre-wedding photographer can suggest if the couple has no clue about the execution of their shoot. There are many couples who have a vision about how to finalize or at least brief the photographer about their expectations. On the contrary, when things are not lined up and everything needs to be planned by pre-wedding photographers, then, hiring them is the only solution. Lastly, these photographers keep each photo and video relevant in their work so that the couple can connect the dots and relive their pre-wedding shoot moments even after years.