9 Benefits Of A Front Load Washing Machine


In the past few years, washing machines have gained prominence to become a vital apparatus from convenient appliances for many households. With their ability to reduce the time and effort involved in everyday laundry, they now bring in critical respite to the present hectic lifestyles of many individuals.

Further, new-age washing machines are now power-packed with cutting-edge features that have improved their overall efficiency and performance, thanks to continued innovation in technology. Primarily, washing machines are of two types – the top load and front load washing machines.

Based on their functionality, they are further classified into two categories – fully automatic and semi automatic washing machines. Presently, the fully automatic front load variants dominate the Indian market because of their highly advanced features and convenience of use. Here’s a look at the various benefits that add to their indispensable presence.

Benefits of a front load washing machine

These washing machine variants lend a user the following remarkable benefits:

  • High laundry capacity

Unlike other variants, front load laundry units do not consist of components such as an agitator or impeller and hence possess a high wash capacity. Moreover, the drum of front load variants does not possess a central axis, which can take up a lot of space.

Hence, users can wash more clothes in a single round which saves a lot of time and effort. Because of the large capacity, the front load variant is also an ideal option for a large family.

  • Saves water and detergent

According to research, front load wash design uses approximately 50% less water than its top load variant. It is mainly because the drum in these machines is placed horizontally, which turns all the clothes back into the water as it rotates during the wash cycle.

A front load washing machine also comes with a water inlet pipe which automatically facilitates water intake as per the requirement. Since this variant requires less amount of water, users can reduce detergent use as well.

  • Extended fabric lifespan

Front load variants involve a gentle washing process unlike other variants, which can be typically harsh on the cloth fabric. Hence, there are no wrinkles left on your clothes after the washing process is over.

Moreover, since these variants do not possess an agitator, the fabric of the clothes remains intact.

  • Efficient energy usage

Front load washing units have also garnered popularity for their efficient utilisation of energy. As noted previously, they come with a horizontal drum, which can rotate much quicker than a vertical drum.

So, it generates enough power to force the water out of all the clothes. Hence, this variant takes a significantly less amount of time, thus saving on electricity consumption.

  • Checks laundry noise

The front load washing machine variant operates quietly and ensures a calm and relaxing home environment. It does not contain an agitator and thus makes much less noise when compared with the other variant.

  • Efficient cleaning process

The wash motion in a front load laundry machines is significantly better than that of the other variants. Contrary to the other variants, these types of washing machines use a tumbling motion which cleans the clothes in the best possible manner.

  • Environment-friendly

As the front load machines utilise energy more efficiently, they are much more environment-friendly than the other variants. They utilise significantly lower amounts of power and water, which leads to the overall improvement in the carbon footprint of a user’s house.

  • Saves money in the long run

Often due to enhanced features, the price of a front load washing machine can be a concern for users. However, since it results in reduced power, water, and detergent, it actually turns out to be a decent investment in the long run.

  • Compact size

Contrary to other types of washing machines, the front load variants are much more compact in size. It makes them an ideal option for flats and apartments where space might be a concern.

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