8 Ways Exhibitions can Boost Business with Designer Stands


Your exhibition stand needs to be professional, it needs to stand out from the other exhibitions, it needs to boost your brand, and it needs to attract potential customers. 

This means that you need to pay very close attention to which you use to design your exhibition stand through exhibition stand designers UK, ensuring that they provide you with a booth that works, that will help you grow your customer base, boost your brand and increase your revenue moving forward.

You have chosen to take part in an exhibition because you want to showcase your product or service. The best way to do is to ensure that all the potential customers visiting the show also visit your exhibition display stands. 

When choosing an exhibition stand designer, there are some very important factors you are going to want to take into consideration to ensure that the stand you receive is one that is going to tick all the boxes for you now and in the future.

Know your designer

The first important thing you are going to want to ensure is that any exhibition stand designers you choose to work on your design have a good understanding of your business. 

They should take the time to learn more about your company as a whole, your customers and the products and services you provide. 

This information will help them create a stand that appeals to your audience, exhibition stand designers UK will make you stand out and will help you enjoy good brand visibility throughout the event.

Set a budget

The next essential thing is to set yourself a budget. Once you identify the budget you have available for your exhibition stand design, share this with your designer. 

The designer should ensure that their plan will come out within budget, ensuring that you don’t break the bank. If you work for a company, they probably have given you a maximum you can spend. 

Think of your designer as an architect or builder; they should be able to tell you more or less how much the stand they have designed will cost when it comes to the build.


It is always advisable to find a professional company that offers exhibition stand design services. Some of these companies provide full service. 

This means that they will work with you during the initial concept stages, they will build the stand for you and they will even arrive at the exhibition and install it for you. 

If you like, they can also come and break it down and store it until the next event, which is always beneficial and ensures the item isn’t damaged when not in use.


Choose an exhibition stand contractor that has a proven track record. The sole way to have this achieved is to ask to see some of the stands they have designed, and don’t be shy to ask for references. 

You have a right to contact some companies and identify if they feel the stand designed for them met their brand and their needs and whether it helped them achieve success at the exhibition.

Use of materials

Ask the designer to use a variety of materials. You want your stand to be unique and stand out, but using one equipment can get a little boring. 

If they use mostly wood, adding metals, tiles or other materials to the design process can make your stand something spectacular, unique and a stand that is guaranteed to make an impact on the day.

Know your target audience

Before you can begin any design process, you need to know what will and what won’t appeal to your particular audience.

Bear in mind that if you are focusing on an older audience, you will want to have your design simple, and exact, wherewith a younger audience, you may want to incorporate technology, tablets, and other devices that they will relate to.

The aim is to attract them to your booth and then keep them there so they can learn more about your company and the products and services that you provide.

Make use of the space you have available to you

Whether you have chosen a folding exhibition display stands, you want to make as much use of the open space as possible without compromising too much on floor space. 

If you want to welcome potential customers into your stand where they can have a look around, ensure you have enough floor space to accommodate a number of customers and team members at any given time. 

Consider a tower in the middle with video screens to catch the customer’s attention or focus on something minimalistic with some tables and chairs where your team can sit with potential customers and tell them more about the company and what you do.

Your award-winning exhibition stand should be branded

This means showcasing your company name and logo, but also focusing on a short message that is going to grab your customer’s attention. Don’t look at long-winded and full sentences, think of a few words that are going to enable your customers to identify what you do immediately.