8 facts about gun control in the US


You might be searching about the facts and interesting stats about gun control in the USA! Here we have penned down exact such details for you.

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When it comes to American society, we have generally seen that the use of guns and rifles are commonly ingrained. Furthermore, they prefer using guns as it gives them a personal sense of security and freedom.

Below you can see the USA gun control facts:

Fact 1

It is observed that three-in-ten American adults personally own a gun. From this stat, it can be assumed and clearly said that Americans have broad and extensive exposure to firearms.

In addition, nearly and approximately half of U.S. adults, had their childhood in a household that possessed guns. Two-third of Americans own more than one gun and 29% of USA residents own five or more.

Fact 2

It is stated by the USA gun-owners that they possess guns for the sake of protection and security.

It is according to two-thirds of gun owners that acquiring protection is a major reason that they usually and generally own a firearm. Besides, some say they own guns and rifles because of hunting, sport shooting or they have this gun collecting habit. Perhaps, this is why you can buy complete AR-15 rifles and other weapons in the US very easily.

Fact 3

It is firmly believed by a large percentage of Americans that gun laws need to become further and stricter now.

As you can see that 86% of Democrats as well as Democratic-leaning independents, they are of this view that gun rifle laws should be and need to become stricter. On the other hand, Republicans say they should be less stringent.

Fact 4

Around nine-in-ten number of Republicans, have given this view point that they are in favour and support preventing people owning guns who have mental health illnesses.

Some of the parties favor going for inspections, verifications and background checks if one is going for private gun sales.

Fact 5

A large number of Americans, they have this divided and undecided view that whether putting a limitation on gun rifle ownership will lead to limited and minimum mass shootings. The debate is going on! Half of Americans, they believe it would lead to fewer mass shootings.

It will be possible because of the fact that it is going to be harder and difficult for people to obtain the ownership of guns legally.

Fact 6

Moreover, a heavy percentage of Americans, they have given this statement that they know someone personally who got shot accidentally or intentionally.

 Furthermore, some of the US residents have claimed that they know someone who used a gun just to warn and threaten someone in their family.

Fact 7

It was in 2017 year that more gun deaths were observed and witnessed in the USA.

Most importantly, 40,000 Americans lost their lives because of gun-related injuries in the year of 2017. This marked a 15% increase in the cases of suicides.

Fact 8

In America, so far we have witnessed and observed 12 firearm-related deaths out of each and every 100,000 people living and residing in the USA.

This came out and turns out to be a 14% increase as compared to the previous five years earlier.

Till now, the rate and percentage of gun-related deaths, it is considerably and significantly getting higher and higher.


These are all thought-provoking fact on gun control that are currently seen and noticed in the premises of the USA. Have you noticed some other fact and interesting stat in this country?

If yes, then share that with us. One needs to understand that if you own a gun, then use and carry it with care and responsibility. Avoid using it for wrong and illegal means.

This weapon is made to give protection and not to harm anyone. Let us all see what other gun control laws will be made in the USA, for that stay tuned with us.