7 Signs That You Need Roof Repair ASAP


Your house roof endures a lot of harsh conditions to keep you safe. What do you do to keep it safe? A lot of us just keep enjoying the benefits of a protective roof without even bothering about its safety. It easily gets ignored as it is out of sight most of the time.

It is important to know that even the strongest and sturdiest roofing systems can succumb to weather elements over the years.

roof leak repair

A storm can damage a roof within minutes and all you are left with signs of damage. Do you know how to look for them? It is grave to know these important roof repair signs unless you want the damages to get out of control.

Worsened damages may also result in a sudden collapse of the house roof. To ignore the unlikely scenario, read the brief detail of the 7 signs that indicate the need for roof repair.

1. Water Drips And Drains

Water leakages are considered as the most important indications of roof damage. A roof is designed to keep water ingress at bay. When some part of the roofing system is compromised, water finds its way into the house. It can be due to minor or major cracks.

The worst outcome of water leakage is mold growth can seriously affect the indoor air quality and curb appeal of the roof.

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If you see any water drains coming down from the roof, it is time to call for roof leak repair. It is simple to asses from indoors. You don’t always need to get on the roof for inspection. You can also check cracks in the daylight. If there is sunlight coming through any part of the roof, it needs repair.

2. Shingle Damage

Shingles make up the most of a roofing system. They endure the strong impact of winds, hail, and rains. You can identify roof damages by observing the condition of roof shingles. After a storm, you may also find broken shingles in the house yard.

If you are inspecting the roof after a heavy rainfall or storm, it is not safe to get on the roof. Walk around the perimeter of the house and observe the roof shingles.

You can also use a binocular for crisp observation. If you find missing broken, buckling or rotting shingles, seek help from roofing professionals.

3. Sagging Roof Rafters

Water drops and drains are easy to locate. At times, water ingress affects your roof without even any warning signs. If you find your roof sagging, the culprit is unnecessary moisture generally coming from a damaged roof.

Water pooling in some areas causes the roof structure to swell and deform. It is essential to hire a professional for repair as soon as you see it. A sagging roof can come down under its own weight inflicting serious injuries.

4. Blocked Roof Gutters

Every house has a roof gutter system to take away the unnecessary rainwater. If you find any of the gutters to be blocked, you may need roof repair.

Clear the gutters to assess the condition of the roof. If gutters are blocked due to shingle granules, hire a professional for roof repairs. The weakened shingles are often a cause of roof leak repair.

5. Tearing Of Other Roofing Materials

A roofing system is held together with flashings, nails, and fasteners. A lot of elements play a role to keep the roof in its best shape.

Harsh weather conditions can cause tearing or ripping off any of these materials. If you find any popping nails, seek professional roof inspection services for reliable advice.

6. Wet Roof Patches Or Discoloration

Once the rain has passed and the roof starts drying, look for any discolored or wet patches. If certain roof areas are taking forever to dry after every rain, there is some hidden roof damage. Don’t ignore this important harbinger of a leaky roof and hire a roofing professional right away.

7. Blistering Paint

When you see patches of blistering paint in your house, it is time for a roof leak repair. Water absorbed by the house roof or walls affects the binding ability of paint. Take this sign as a clue to hire roof experts for timely repairs.

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