7 Powerful Video Editing Software Tools for YouTube Channel


YouTube is the largest video sharing platform on the internet, and it has more than 4 million hours of content uploaded per day. These hours are expected to become high in the upcoming days. 

A particular video is becoming popular because of the quality content. Do you think the quality content is sufficient for YouTube videos? 

The answer is NO. A quality video contains excellent content, good audio, and good clarity. We will recommend using some video software tools to improve your video and viewership level. Once the views increase, you can get more likes and YouTube dislikes for your videos

1. Windows Movie Maker

If you’re a Windows 7 user, you are lucky to use the software tool. Yes! You can easily add your video title, trimming, and neglect the unnecessary scene using this software. Perhaps, you thought like I’m not a professional editor.No worries, it’s a user-friendly tool and easy to edit your videos on windows, 7 users. 

This software tool offers programs that accept different types of video file and audio file formats.

It is one of the best editing software tools for beginners that is entirely free but doesn’t have visual effects and filters options. However, you can edit your videos quickly.


  • It very easy to use, and it’s compact while working on windows 7
  • cost-free and you can upload multiple photos at a time


  • A limited number of editing options 
  • It doesn’t fit for windows 10 

2. Virtual Dub

It’s the first open-source software when it was released in 2000. Since 2013, there are no new versions anymore on VirtualDub. This software was quite popular in early 2000 with a limited number of editing capacity. 

It’s also a free editing tool and easy to use for freshers. These software users can capture, edit, and assemble the video in TGA and BMP formats. And this doesn’t support the AVI formats. 


  • It can help to edit a large number of files
  • Able to make Windows Bitmap file formats and also supports the YouTube video format. 
  • FireWire controllers are also supported by it when DV capture type 2 


  • The advanced editing level is too low.
  • It cannot write the MPEG-1 files.

3. Vegas Pro

If you are a professional video editor, you want the advanced settings on a software tool, then use Vegas Pro. The interface of this software is not user friendly. You will spend a lot of time knowing the features and how to use them. 

These tools have some advanced features like compositing, 3D editing, color correction, multi-cam editing, chroma-keying, and automatic crossfades.


  • The video editing level is advanced
  • Help to Multicam video editing for YouTube editing
  • Masking tools and auto white balance are helpful to make a creative video.


  • Cost expensive
  • Spend much time to learn

4. iMovie:

You are a beginner in the editing process, and you have no idea to download the third party software for your YouTube videos. Let’s try iMovie; it is one of the best video editing software at free of cost. It can be accessed for Mac and iOS users.iMovie was launched in 1999, and the new features were included in 2003. 

These software tools offer to add titles, visual effects, and editing audio files. You can also crop, trim, and change the video clips as per your wish—the new versions of software support for 4K and HD videos.

iMovie has a lot of extreme video editing tools, if any professional video editors may find this software features underwhelming


  • You can change the audio & video clip
  • Provides background music and visual effects
  • Shaky video too edit easily 


  • It can be accessed by ios & Mac users
  • Supports various importing format files

5. Blender:

It is a simple video editing software tool. It can be used for animation, modeling, rendering, VFX & game creation. Having many updates are trim videos, filters options, add several videos, and audio & image files. 

Waveform visualization & audio mixing options allow a significant amount of freedom to the software’s professionals. At the same time, layer adjustment & speed control features, you will perform with the help of Blender.


  • Some YouTubers thought it was great while editing. 
  • It has 3D graphics
  • It supports both Mac and windows


  • Slow speed while using this software
  • Not suits for inexperienced video editors

6. Final Cut Pro:

It is a popular video editing software designed for only Mac. These software tools are particularly designed for non-destructive and non-linear video editing. It makes working with large amounts of video, audio, and image files easier.

The recent version of this software supports 4K and 5K videos, also 360-degree video editing options available in the video editor’s users.


  • It’s convenient to use for all YouTubers
  • You will get the software update frequently if you don’t want turn off the switch


  • Final Cut Pro suits for only Mac users.

7. Lightworks:

This software supports video file formats, adding 4K videos, and you will export your videos to YouTube easily. Also, it’s the best software tool. Maybe this tool is intimidating to inexperienced video creators. 

This tool helps to save your time while exporting files. Hence, you don’t spend much time. You can easily export your videos and upload them on your YouTube channel. The experienced persons are happy to use the Multicam editing feature. 


  • A multi-camera editor is great
  • High speed and easy to export the file
  • Custom-made interface 


  • The free version of the software has limited capabilities to export
  • Demanding system requirements


Pick any one of the software tools and use it while editing your videos. If you want a free or paid tool is available in the market. Some of the video editing software is the best for beginners. Use software tools and enhance your YouTube videos.