7 Documents In Your Car Accident Case

Car Accident Case

Getting a reprieve after a car accident can be a difficult time. If you are reaching out to attorneys for vehicle accidents there are 7 items you should have on hand, as these will help you with your case.

Gather these items immediately when you contact your representative.

Items such as photos and videos from the accident will help your case. This will give the lawyer enough evidence to build a strong enough case to get you the compensation you need.

Here is the list of items you will need when building your case and helping your representation. These items will give you a strong foundation to build on.

1. Photographs

The first thing that needs to happen immediately after an accident is to take photos. These photos provide evidentiary support for your claims.

Upon finding representation, these photographs should be handed over with the rest of your documents. They will be placed in your file and shown as evidence when it comes to proving your case.

Take as many photographs at the scene as possible. The more evidence you have to submit and support your claim the stronger your case will be.

Having these photos and videos will also make the lawyer’s position easier. They will be able to see what happened to cause the accident. Therefore, they will be able to dictate the next steps with simplicity.

2. Written account

Along with photographs, written accounts of the accident can be a valuable asset. It is vital to your case to write down what happened as soon as possible. The attorney for your vehicle accident will know how to process these documents.

While you may think you can explain it all at the moment when you are with your attorney, it is beneficial to have everything written. This way you won’t miss any of the details you may forget at the moment.

With your written account being as detailed as possible, your attorney will have an easier time putting together your case.

3. Police report

The first thing to take place with most car accidents is to file a police report. The police record of the accident will state who was involved and what the damage was.

These reports hold the logistics of the accident. The officers who arrive on the scene will put together this information. The report should be one of the very first things you bring to your lawyer to assert your case.

When it comes to your case, the police report is a vital piece of evidence. These reports contain the police statement of what they believe to have happened. Your lawyer will use this in your defense.

4. Witness statements

Another vital piece that can be obtained at the scene of the accident is any witness statements. If there is anyone around who sees the accident be sure to ask them for contact information. If their statements are required, they will be a vital part of your case.

The police will generally ask any bystanders for their information to place in the police report.

These statements from witnesses can provide solid information about how the accident happened. They are reliable eyes that can help in your defense of the accident.

5. Insurance details

Your insurance details should be with you at all times during this process. Since your insurance will be directly involved, including them is imperative. Have your insurance card and any other documentation available.

Secondly, it may also be an asset to have the insurance information of those involved in the accident. This information should have been exchanged at the scene of the accident. Both insurance parties will be assets during this process.

It may not only be the car insurance you want to have with you. For any medical damages, your health insurance is also important. Have all insurance documentation handy. More information can be found here.

6. Medical records

Filing a claim with your medical insurance is another important part if you are injured in an accident. Your medical insurance may need to be reimbursed. This is why having your medical records is an important step in your case.

Documenting your injuries will help you to prove what injuries you sustained in the accident. This gives the amount paid due to damages from the accident. It will help to establish what the accident has cost you out of pocket.

Be sure that your primary physician has documented every injury you have sustained. When presenting this to your lawyer they will use it as part of your case.

7. Pay stubs

Finally, if the accident has caused you to miss work your pay stubs are relevant.

Your lawyer will be able to tabulate the amount of money you’ve lost. This will help to assess how much the accident has cost you through your work performance. Be sure to document all of your earnings before the accident.

You should also have any bills that haven’t been covered due to the accident as well. This will give your attorney a full picture of restitution needs.

When Contacting Your Attorneys For Vehicle Accidents

Be sure that these 7 documents are part of your information to bring to your lawyers. These are vital pieces that your attorney will need to develop your case.

Car accidents can alter your life in many ways. Being responsible for all of those bills that accrue afterward should not be all on your shoulders. Your attorneys for vehicle accidents will help you find the best solution possible.

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