7 Different Types Of Belts For Men To Choose From

7 Different Types Of Belts For Men To Choose From

Since the Roman empire’s times, men and women have worn belts as military gear or as fashion accessory. Historical records are showing their utility even before that period. From being extensively used by men in high positions and the military to being casually used everywhere, belts can transform the overall aesthetics of pants, jeans, or lower wear. However, not all men fully understand how to properly adorn some of the best men’s casual belts or formal ones for any occasion. This guide will help address such issues and enable the wearer to utilise the best belts for a suitable event.

Belts always come in a standard set of buckle and a strap with an end strip and a keeper loop. Take a look at the different types of belts available for everyday use:

  • Frame: Available on every formal belt and some casuals, it is the type where the strap goes through the frame. A specifically designed prong is present to keep the strap in place and fasten it.

  • Plate: Detachable buckles with a decorated solid frame like a cowboy belt. A hook fastens the strap and prevents it from getting loose.

  • Box: Box belts are divided into two main categories, the box frame and the box out.

  • Box Frame: Hollow head with open ends and does not require holes or prongs to fasten the belt.

  • Box Out: Mostly used for decoration and women, the box out has a synthetic frame and is not suited for work clothes or challenging terrains.

  • Ringed Frame: Rings shaped like an ‘O’ or a ‘D’ make up the frame or the buckle, and the strap is fastened by allowing it to thread through these rings. Its use primarily for casual wear.

  • Snap: Snap buckles have two ends that can snap together to form closed loops. It’s a common type of men’s casual belts and convenient and primarily used for outdoor applications.

What To Wear?

Like all attire, belts also have a casual and a formal classification. Most formal belts are worn with dresses, business and work suits to indicate authority or formality. Casuals, on the other hand, are worn with almost anything from jeans to colourful shorts.

Black or brown colours are the most preferred ones for formal with leather rings which are standard material. Some things to keep in mind when wearing a formal belt include:

  • Matching the colour of the buckle with the colour of other metal accessories.

  • The leather should have the same level of colour as the other leather accessories and shoes.

When Should We Not Wear A Belt?

Although it is improbable, pants can come with no loops around them. Such pants don’t require a belt and are better off without it. But since it comes with a set of loops around it, they are better off with a belt. Every person should wear a belt unless it doesn’t compliment the rest of the attire.

Shopping For Belts:

Always look for suitable quality belts to reflect on a person’s quality and character and preference for attire. Soft leather that doesn’t crack is often a good indicator of quality, followed by good stitching patterns. Belt with interchangeable buckles are more versatile and can last longer compared to most belts of other types.

When shopping for belts, make sure to understand the correct length of the strap and the waist size. Remember that it’s more about how the belt blends with the overall aesthetic of the attire that matters, and poorly designed belts can stand out, which is visually very drab.

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