7 Chevy Silverado Accessories You Need This Summer


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Step up your summertime driving experience with these top seven accessories for your Chevy SIlverado. From 2021 Silverado nerf bars to aftermarket performance chips, these accessories improve the convenience and performance of your truck. Explore each one to find the best setup for your work truck or weekend warrior.

1. Nerf Bars

Take the first step toward personalizing your truck with a set of nerf bars or Silverado running boards. Nerf bars are typically round aluminum bars that protect your truck and give you a convenient step.

Running boards offer similar benefits, but typically focus on a comfortable step. They’re usually wider for more step space, but may not be constructed with the same durable material designed to withstand a bump or scrape on the side of your truck.

2. Tonneau Cover

Summer is a time when you’re hauling items for work and preparing for camping trips. A tonneau cover protects items in the back of your truck. Avoid rain and sun exposure and keep items safely stored without strapping them down.

Tonneau covers come in hard and soft varieties. Each offers multiple ways to open and close. Compare materials, your budget and your storage needs before finding a cover that fits the length and width of your Silverado truck bed.

3. Floor Liners

All that mud and dirt can wear out your truck’s interior and make a mess. Keep your floorboards protected and tidy with custom-fit floor liners. These heavy-duty accessories add rugged grip as you climb in and drive. Choose a set that’s easy to remove and wash for hassle-free detailing.

4. LED Lights

Light up the night and stay safe on the road with LED lights. Replace your headlights with LED bulbs or install an LED light bar to the top of your truck for powerful illumination. These lights make it easy to see as you drive or set up your campsite at night.

5. Performance Chips

Give your Silverado the tune-up it needs to roar to life and outpace the competition. 5.3 Vortec HP upgrades provide the punch your truck deserves as you show off some serious horsepower. Choose a straightforward performance chip or select one that allows you to modify your truck’s performance.

6. Seat Covers

You’re going to want a little extra cushion as you head out on a road trip or keep up your daily commute this summer. Check out seat covers that protect your seat from unnecessary wear and add some comfortable padding. Generic seat covers come in a variety of materials and colors, but be sure you get one that’s easy to remove and clean.

7. Wheels and Rims

Swap out your standard tires with a set of summer or all-terrain tires. Consider your next adventure and how you plan on using your truck this summer. Compare specialty options, like mud tires, or go for all-terrain tires for a versatile experience.

Prepare for the Summer With These Accessories

Maintain your Chevy Silverado this summer with these top seven accessories. Shop online to create an unforgettable driving experience that keeps up with your work and play.