7 Beautiful Flowering Succulents for Your Balcony Garden in the UK


Being humans, we all have some common dreams in our life. In a nutshell, we all want to have a family in our small house with a garden of our own. So Having a piece of green in front of your eyes gives a soothing feeling that nothing else in life can give. At times, the garden becomes like our own people whom we care about the most. But, due to lack of time, we cannot give enough time for the plants to grow. But does that stop us from having a roof-top or balcony garden!-of course not? Here are the 7 best flowering succulents for your balcony garden in the UK.

1) Peanut Cactus

Like the spring is the season for every garden to bloom, your peanut cactus will also radiate the orange hue throughout your balcony garden in this season. This zone 10-12 cactus grows with shallow roots; hence it can grow with thick thorny fingers that look exactly like peanuts. They can grow 6 inches tall but they prefer to spread horizontally 12 inches. Though they grow in fuller sun, the shade is perfect for its growth. The flowers are of fire orange colors.

2) Orchid Cactus

Orchid cactus is one of the best succulents for pots. This plant grows up from 5 to 10 inches in zone 10-11. Just as the name; orchid is a rare flower and so does the orchid flower. It has a typical time to bloom at night time just a few times a year. And this plant teaches you patience. You will not find this plant looming for the first two years of planting, usually. This is an independent cactus that grows flowers on its feasibility. But, to keep it alive, all you need to do is to put it in the sunlight in the same position and feed potassium as fertilizer.

3) Kalanchoe

It is one of the most popular British Native Wildflowers easily you can grow in the UK. This cactus plant rarely looks like a cactus. It has gorgeous leaves. This zone 10-11cactus requires minimalistic care to grow. It grows well with the mixture, slightly more peat moss than perlite, a volcanic glass. There is one thing to keep in mind, this plant should not sit in water and the reason why perlite is used as it is high water content. Also, if you have pets in the house, you might skip this plant from including in your garden because they cannot fully grow in the presence of them.

4) Echeveria

It is a Mexican native plant that grows well popularly at desert resistant gardens. It is a species of cactus that grows varieties among which the non-green ones are the favorites. This cactus is famous for its leaf-shapes which itself looks like the flower. This plant flowers taller, subtle, and delicate pink-colored flowers. The time it grows in late spring to throughout summer. This plant is a warm grower; so in colder places, you can plant them indoors. You can also place them on the window sill to get the maximum sunlight.

5) Jade Plant

Gardening also needs expertise and years of practice. If you are someone who is preferably starting gardening, this jade plant is perfect. It is a common and traditional houseplant. The plants have slick glossy leaves and it is native to South Africa but grows in other climates as well. They produce pretty star-shaped white flowers. The plant needs an enormous amount of energy to bloom, so it does not flower regularly. But when it blooms, it is comparatively an odd time- beginning of winter. And they are not long-lasting.

6) Ruby Necklace

It is one of the most common flowering succulents for hanging baskets. Also the most growing and trailing succulent. Usually, succulents look like some other things- this one’s foliages resemble the beans; they grow along a longer stem. This is a color changer succulent. Usually, its color is green but under the high exposure of sun, it turns into ruby red. Thus it has its name. Their vibrant yellow-colored flowers grow all along the year.

7) Ice Plant

This cactus has a beautiful scientific name-Corpuscularia lehmannii. Also, It is one of the most beautiful spring flowers for the indoor garden in the UK. It has thicker leaves that overlap each other. And there is a pattern; it overlaps in opposing pairs like a tower. When the spring comes, it covers the whole plant with its vibrant yellow-colored daisy-like flowers. The flowers usually grow at the top of the plant hence it gives a covering idea.

Succulents have become very popular for gardening as they need the least care to grow. Also, they are beautiful. You can go for autumn season garden flowers also. Above are the best flowering succulents for your balcony in the UK.