7 Amazing Fathers Day Cake Ideas You Need To Check Now



You know what’s next in line for a special occasion that comes every year, fathers day. And you probably don’t know it. Well, we are here to call you out on it. Fathers across the world do nothing but good things for their children and sacrifice immensely. Finding the perfect fathers day gift hence becomes not just an obligation but also a moral duty that you have to do with all your heart and find all fun in it. These gifts can be the most cliche and the most exciting based on your choice and of course your father’s.

Wine glasses, customised mugs, keychains, photo frames, designer home decor items, deodorants, watches are all things you can choose in a blink of an eye. But we are your true friends and here to suggest to you the most important thing about a celebration. And that includes online fathers day cakes that aren’t just flavoursome sponge and cream combinations but have a story to narrate along with it. And so the conversation today is about 7 amazing cakes for fathers day that are truly out of the box and come packed with a story too. 

  • Fondant cakes

Beginning with the first cake design for father you have the choice of a fondant cake. They are narrative, can be personalised, live up to the mark of the celebration and certainly memorable. You can get a car, a wine bottle, something naughty funny, and imagery for your father. And you pick the flavour he likes. 

  • Pinata cakes

Pinata cakes are new in the market which makes them the perfect choice. They are usually round but can be heart-shaped or any shape you like. Inside it, you can find not just an ordinary cake but also a bunch of presents if you like. And the fondness of not cutting but breaking a cake is grown enormously these days with pinata cakes. 

  • Multi-tiered cakes 

Multi-tiered cakes are a thing and a great option if the party is huge. You can have his figurine on the top of the cake and have it all overwritten on how he is the best father. Pick the favourite flavour be it chocolate coffee, vanilla, orange or any other. Isn’t it one of the most compelling fathers day cake ideas?  

  • Favourite flavour cake

Sometimes the best cake design for father is simply picking out the cake he likes the best. What if your father loves plain chocolate but instead gets him an orange flavoured cake, things may not turn out that we’ll. So go with your instinct, get the favourite flavour he likes in designer, photo, poster or any other cake-type you like and enjoy. 

  • Loads of jar cakes

Sometimes choosing one flavour or code can be a hard job especially when it’s four your father who we know can be daunting sometimes. Get jar cakes in flavours like chocolate, red velvet, orange, coffee, truffle, vanilla, fruit cake, Ferrero Rocher or any other. 

  • Fruit cake 

Fruit cake is not just the safest option for cake design for Father but also the most delicious. Fresh fruits on a scrumptious vanilla cake are hard to say no to. You can have cherries, pineapples, apples, berries and so much more on them with a contrasting taste of chocolate to off you like. 

  • Lopsided cake 

this is probably the one thing you have not heard about much and it sounds about right because they aren’t such a known choice, which is why it’s perfect for you. It can be a half-circle, a tilted circle, a Pentagon shaped cake or literally anything else and that too in all the great flavours there are.