6 Tips to Prevent Wear and Tear of Your Automotive Parts


Auto parts and systems are the integral parts of a vehicle that function together to keep it running. However, for keeping your auto parts in a working condition, it is always better to take precautionary measures to reduce wear and tear of your auto parts. At the end of the day, taking care of your car and its auto parts will help you save money and keep your car rolling for years. However, if you really need an auto part replacement, you may approach your local dealers or mechanics for buying auto spare parts at a cheaper price. Besides various iconic and luxurious car companies, Dubai is also a home for several automotive aftermarket companies. If you’re looking to replace a malfunctioning or dead auto part, you may approach any auto spare parts wholesalers Dubai to save money and time.If you do not want to fall in the trap of buying and replacing auto parts frequently, you may follow these useful tips to keep your car in a good shape click here and read about Towing Jacksonville .

  1. Maintain Your Regular Car Maintenance Schedule

Always make it a point to send your car for servicing at regular intervals. Car manufacturers and automotive aftermarket companies often recommend for timely service intervals for their cars and automotive parts. It is important to follow a consistent car maintenance schedule as the service centers will check and replace certain auto parts such as automotive battery, brake pads, filters and so on. Taking your car to the service centers will also let you know whether you need to buy aftermarket auto parts or just maintenance. If you do not do timely service on your car, you may incur the risk of engine and other auto parts failure. You may also avail of free maintenance services if your car has not exceeded its warranty period.

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  1. Consider an Oil Change on a Regular Basis

Motor oil plays a pivotal role in keeping your car rolling smoothly by lubricating and protecting your engine against corrosion. Oil is the lifeblood of your engine as it ensures the smooth running of all your car’s parts. It also reduces the accumulation of carbon and varnish in your car engine which could adversely damage your engine over time. Therefore, it is highly recommended to change your oil at regular intervals depending on mileage completed and not over a time duration. Make this as a part of your maintenance routine to ensure your engine runs smoothly or else, you’ll need to buy aftermarket auto parts in case you’re stuck at some point of time.

  1. Allow Your Car to Warm Up Initially

As many of us are in dire haste to leave for work in the mornings, we tend to forget to warm up our engines. Make sure you warm up your engine for 2 minutes initially as this enables the motor oil to heat up and properly lubricate the automotive parts. Once the engine oil is heated up, it will lubricate the parts properly and prevent any internal damage to your engines. Warming up your engine also allows you to initially drive at a slower speed for a couple of minutes which protects your unlubricated engine against wear and tear.

  1. Ensure Optimal Tire Pressure Levels

A consistent car maintenance routine should also include checking tire pressure regularly. Tires tend to lose a certain amount of pressure every month which means you should consider getting your tires checked and filled up with gas on a monthly basis. You must also remember that changing temperatures also affect your tire pressure. An expert mechanic or tire specialists can check your tires for optimal pressure levels and also identify other potential issues on your tires. You cannot always identify your tire pressure by just looking at it. It loses approximately 10 PSI and you may find no difference in the tire pressure by just looking at it.In order to prevent frequent wear and tear of your tires, make sure you have purchased the right tires. If you want to save money in the long run, you may buy Achilles tyres for better safety and reduced wear and tear.

  1. Improve Your Braking Habits

Smooth braking habits can extend the life of your brake pads and discs significantly. By going lighter on the gas and avoiding sharp brakes when driving are great ways to prolong the life of your brakes. Since Dubai traffics are heavily congested, especially during the peak traffic times, you may have to use brakes more frequently.  If you find there’s a need to brake, try to brake gradually from a good distance to ensure less strain on the brakes and a smooth ride for yourself as well as your passengers. Also, make sure you check and service your brakes on a regular basis to ensure their optimal conditions.In addition, you may also extend the life of your parking brakes by using them properly when parking. When parking your car, make sure you first press on your brake pedal and then use your parking brake. Once your car’s transmission has been put into park mode, you may now put your foot off the brake pedal. This helps in ensuring prolonged car transmission.You may consider buying Asimco brake pads as these are one of the premium-quality brake pads that ensure superior safety, comfort, stopping and long life.

  1. Save Big with Auto Spare Parts

Buying auto spare parts from auto parts wholesalers in Dubai is the best way to save money and time. However, you must have a good understanding of the ins and outs of the auto parts, especially the expensive auto spare parts to prevent yourself from any damage, or monetary loss. Whether you’re looking to buy Achilles tyres, Solite automotive battery, Asimco brake pads or other aftermarket auto parts from your local auto parts wholesalers in Dubai, you must do your research before investing money. You may consult the top-rated automotive aftermarket companies and their products review sites to know about the best auto spare parts in market, their price, and features to ensure you get the right product. Moreover, you may also refer to automobile directories that contain a list of the best spare parts importers in Dubai or auto parts exporters in Dubai supplying the automotive parts to the buyers.

Wrapping Up

By following these precautionary measures, you can easily look after your vehicle and keep it running for a few more years. Make sure your car receives a good servicing from a renowned service center that gives personalized attention to your auto parts and provides your car with the best treatment.

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