6 Proven Ways of Having a Better Sleep

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Do you have to face many problems while sleeping? Aren’t you getting enough sleep? People suffering from insomnia problems might find it hard to get enough sleep. They may be trapped up with all sorts of thought just before they go to sleep Good Night Wishes For Love. But what causes insomnia? The first conclusion is that neither sleep patterns nor sleep times are genetically determined. This is rather puzzling, given that they are dependent on the amount of other genes involved in circadian rhythms. People get different amounts of sleep due to differences in their environments, including temperature, food, diet, and family structure.

You may need to take steps to ensure your sleep schedule is more balanced. For example, if you have to work weekends, try switching to a longer working week. Avoid night shifts if possible, as this can also take a load off your circadian rhythms and give you a better night’s sleep. Try nocturnal medication (e.g., Nyquil), it might be helpful for some. Some studies have found that exercise and consuming bright light (during the day) can improve your sleep habits.

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So, what should encourage the best sleeping? Let’s find out!

Sticking up strictly with time

We all know the importance of time especially when we go to bed and wake up. Someone has said it correctly, early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise. That’s said, everyone wants to go to bed at exact time and hence we have been drilled down with the thought of looking at the time every single minute. Such behavior can ruin your normal process of sleep circadian and hence you become anxious about the time.

Even though you might think that the fact that we wake at a certain time at night is due to the effect of our body, it actually has nothing to do with it, in fact, it has nothing to do with your circadian rhythm. Our body stays asleep from 20-24 hours. If our body was in any way functioning in sync with our natural body clock, it would never make us wake up at such a late time. The real cause of sleep sync disorders is simply because of our body clock resetting itself, something that is obviously hard to trigger in our own bodies, and which cannot be easily prevented in the case of premature awakening.

The reality of sleep disorders is sometimes often described in terms of a “choice” to go to sleep at the exact wrong moment. This is true for everyone: there are the indolent who wake up tired, and the busy who wake up early. Both groups make very good choices that do not generally determine whether they remain productive or not.

Stop doing your bed when you need to sleep

Our evening time is usually packed up with tv shows and a bit of snacks on the couch. After some moment when we need to sleep, we are suddenly struck up with the thought of doing our bed. In the urge of sleeping, our adrenaline rush vigorously in the hope of doing the bed as quickly as possible. Once it is being stimulated in our body, it becomes really difficult to fall and hence we face difficulties in falling asleep.

The best way to avoid this is to prepare the bed in the evening before you sit down for a show. This way you can throw your body on the bed when you feel sleepy. You can put on your pajamas and do all your dinning work before you start chilling with your tv shows. This way you can just quickly relax and fall asleep when you want to. Throwing yourself in too much work either be it physical or mental might stress you out which directly disrupts your sleep.

Be regular with your sleeping routine

If you want to have good sleep, you must be regular with your sleeping time. Irregular sleeping habits will disrupt your normal behavior of the body. Along With maintaining the sleeping routine, you must try to go to bed at a certain time which will be unaltered no matter what you do. Usually, when a person is told to go to sleep at a certain time, they try to do so as fast as possible and tend to fall asleep really quickly.

This results in sleep deprivation. A Regular sleep schedule can actually keep you more alert. Often, people who do not get enough sleep tend to get nervous. They are usually really exhausted when they wake up.

It is also usually not possible to get up for breakfast without falling asleep. If you sleep longer, your body will also rest and will therefore help you wake up later.

So try sleeping for 8 hours every night to find your ideal sleep time.

This is very similar to how a marathoner should train their body to go into a race so they can sleep on a normal schedule. Sleep less, or not at all, for some people.

Be relax and calm

Follow some relaxing routine for the nighttime. Doing heavy exercises might tired your body but ultimately you need to carry some nighty mode to have a better sleep. Here’s some guide on how to perform that.

  • Make your bed at least four hours in advance
  • Keep your bedroom lit at all times
  • Avoid being exposed to bright light from the TV, computers and mobile phones
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol
  • Eat regularly and not every two hours
  • Make exercise a priority, such as light physical activity (such as dancing or walking) every day
  • Have a support person at home who is very familiar with your struggles and is there for you when you’re suffering a relapse

There is no magic pill. Stressful thoughts can prompt many unhappy moments which might affect you especially at night when you go to bed.

Limit the use of screens before sleeping

People having sleep issues find it really hard to do away with tv shows or some videos over their phone. This is the ultimate and biggest cause for insomnia. The blue rays emitting straight from the screens strain your eyes and it forces them to widen them up instead of relaxing. 

How to get relief from your insomnia?

There is no single cause of insomnia. Moreover, most people will not experience insomnia for long periods. People often feel sick for about a week or two, and then recover. The duration of insomnia also varies from person to person. It’s likely that sleep disorders are a result of psychological stress. Examples of such stress include being confronted by an angry or neglectful parent, experiencing the loss of a job or a financial situation, experiencing clinical depression, life events such as the death of a close friend or parent, or not being able to achieve optimum levels of sleep.

Another common cause of insomnia is the use of too much alcohol or other drugs. Research suggests that alcohol and/or other drugs may contribute to insomnia. You might have been introduced with many tonics or herbal meds to calm down your mind so that you can have a better sleep but at the end of the day you don’t feel good as they are not so effective in providing you the peaceful sleep you need naturally. This happens because the sleep problems actually vary individually. Some might work the best on certain remedies while others just don’t.

Eat a healthy balanced diet. Your diet can play an important role in the treatment of sleep disorders and night sweats. Too much cholesterol may increase the risk of daytime headaches. Too little sleep can cause insomnia. Exercise is also a factor. If you feel tired in the morning, it may be a sign that you’ve been too tired to exercise. Make sure you’re getting enough rest, and start on a new routine at home, especially if you’re feeling sleep problems. Once you feel better, get back to living your life. even if you’re not planning to go to bed earlier. Keep in mind that when you restrict screen time, you also decrease light exposure, which may be even more important.

Conclusion, once you break the cycle of your normal sleeping routine, you may not have a better sleep. Your sleep is also affected by your living routine and lifestyle. If you are having some problems like headaches while sleeping, you can visit your nearest clinic for a general health check up. It will ensure the fact that you are not suffering from a severe illness that might disrupt your sleep directly.

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