6 Most Popular Southern Illinois Jobs

Southern Illinois Jobs

The Illinois employment rate is on the increase once again after experiencing a 9% dip during 2020. So, if you live in Southern Illinois and you’re looking for a job, you’re in luck.

You’ll find many opportunities to land your dream job in either the agricultural or industrial sector when job hunting in this state. Several small business employers are also back on track and hiring right now.

These are the top Southern Illinois jobs to put on your wish list right now.

Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Across the nation, the career outlook for lawyers of all descriptions is increasing at 4% per year.

When you work in this field, you’ll resolve disputes regarding on-the-job injuries and help employees get the compensation they deserve. On occasion, you might even have to defend a company from unscrupulous people trying to take advantage of these laws.

Other aspects of this job include giving your clients legal advice and participating in negotiations in the case of settlement agreements. It’s also your responsibility to ensure your clients get the funds due to them after a matter’s resolved in court.

You’ll need to study long and hard to qualify in this field. First, you’ll need to complete a four-year bachelor’s degree, and then pass the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT).

Once you’ve made it through all that, you should complete a relevant law degree. This usually involves disciplined full-time study. When you’re qualified, you must pass the bar exam for Illinois before seeking employment in this field.

All this study pays off in the end, as some workers’ compensation lawyers earn well over $126,000 per annum.

Operations Analyst

There’s been a massive upswing in demand for operations analysts in Illinois of late. That’s because these professionals help businesses identify and solve problems in every industry and provide advice on the best course of action.

You’re probably wondering what this job entails, right? These are the main tasks of an operations analyst:

  • Collecting and organizing information from various sources
  • Gathering input from workers about every aspect
  • Using statistical analysis, predictive modeling, and simulations to find solutions
  • Advise managers on an effective course of action
  • Keep track of their findings and recommendations via reports

So, in short, operations analysts are the problem solvers in the organization and can earn up around $26,000 per year in this advisory capacity.

Home Health Aide

It’s not surprising that healthcare positions are among the top jobs around nowadays, and there’s a huge increase in demand across the board for medical experts worldwide.

If you’re not into hospitals or can’t stand the sight of blood, you can still get involved in caring for people by becoming a home health aide.

In this job, you provide in-home care for people in their homes. Your daily tasks include:

  • Assistance with things like dressing and personal hygiene
  • Ensuring they take their medications
  • Working with medical experts to ensure your client’s wellbeing

Many of these jobs involve working with the elderly and infirm. You don’t need a formal education to apply for one of these posts, but many employers prefer a certification from the National Association for Home Care and Hospice.

Home health aides earn an annual salary of around $24,000.

Software Engineer

Along with healthcare professionals, tech industry professionals have also seen a huge upswing in demand as every business explores its online options.

Of these, software engineers command some of the highest salaries across the board, raking in up to $110,000 per year.

If you’re interested in this field you’ll need to hit the books hard. The minimum requirements are a bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering as well as knowledge of the industry you hope to work in.

You can also work your way up to an esteemed software project management position if you excel in this line of work.

Software engineers design and build computer programs according to their client’s needs. It’s a unique vocation in that you’ll get to harness both your problem-solving as well as creative skills during your day’s work.

Financial Advisor

Financial advisors help clients and companies overcome their financial difficulties and set realistic goals. Financial advisors typically have a four-year degree in finance, accounting, or business economics.

You can also get involved in managing a client’s investments when you work in this field, but you’ll need a relevant license for this aspect.

Additional certifications like a CFP (Certified Financial Planner) or ChFC (Chartered Financial Consultant) or a master’s degree can give you the edge when it comes to applying for these positions.

According to the bureau of labor statistics, financial advisors earn approximately $89,000 per year.

Truck Driver

As long as there are goods to transport across the nation, truck drivers will experience a demand for their skills. So, if you love the open road and don’t mind spending days away from home, this job’s ideal for you.

Truck drivers earn over $50,000 per year and never have to worry about spending too much time tied to an office desk. There are a few administrative and reporting aspects involved in this career, but you’ll find yourself behind the wheel most of the time.

You’ll need the appropriate driving license as well as on-the-job training to secure the best jobs in the trucking industry.

Thanks to the high emphasis on manufacturing in southern Illinois, there’s always a demand for truck drivers in this area.

Do You Need Help Finding the Best Southern Illinois Jobs?

Landing the best-paid and most rewarding Southern Illinois jobs involves more than qualifications. You’ll need to sharpen your people skills and refine your interview tactics if you want to succeed.

So, if you’re looking to improve your appeal to employers, browse our blog for more insights on how to find and secure your ultimate career.