6 Luxury Yacht Destinations around the World


The best part about your vacation is planning. You decide what you are going to do in the days ahead, and if the planning contains the touch of entertainment, then the overall enjoyment of your journey quadruples. Needless to say, sailing in the purest waters of the world and yachting at the lavish resorts is really a thing to consider for your next vacation. The scenic views of the nearby mountains and the luxuries offered by the cruises are sure to give you goosebumps.

If you don’t know where you should be spending your next holiday, then this article is for you. We suggest you go to a place that offers the perfect yachting and boating opportunities. In this piece, we have unveiled the luxury yacht places where you will spend the best moments of your life. Let’s get started.

1. Whitsunday Islands, Australia

There are a total of 74 Whitsunday Islands that are located along the northeastern coast of Australia. Yachting lovers from all across the world assemble here for diving excursions, including snorkeling. The nature of the waters here offers a perfect opportunity for adventurers to brace the outstanding environment. You can anchor at Bauer Bay to get the best views of the Island. However, if you want plenty of whale sightings, then the Blue Pearl Bay is an ideal place to anchor. Whitehaven Beach is perceived as one of the best beaches in the world, owning to its pure water.

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2. River Thames, London

River Thames is the only place in the entire city where you can fulfill your yachting and sailing appetite. The sport of sailing is practiced on both the non-tidal and the tidal reaches of the river. Wayfarers and Lasers are the most popular sailing craft used for yachting and other entertaining activities. You must follow certain rules before executing your adventure so that you should remain safe during yachting. Never cross another vessel in order to reduce the possibility of an accident or collision. People living in Pakistan can book Lahore to Heathrow PIA tickets in order to reach London.

3. Palm Beach, Florida

Palm Beach is full of amazing opportunities for yacht lovers as they can either cruise along the Intracoastal Waterways, or they can navigate the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Sailing and yachting have always been an integral part of this beach. It was established in 1890, and so, it is one of the oldest tourist attractions in Florida.

Cruising and yachting on the beach mean a luxury and beautiful sail down the Intracoastal Waterways between the natural barrier islands. From the Economy class yachts for the students to the business class entertainment for the well-off businessmen, this beach has everything.

4. Split, Croatia

Split is a coastal city in Croatia and is considered one of the best yacht destinations in Europe. The country is famous for more than 1,000 islands, all offering heavenly villages along the shoreline. The pure beaches along the Kornati archipelago are also famous for the breathtaking views and enthralling waters.

If you want to enjoy cruising in this area, try to come between April and May because the water is warm in these months. You also have other options here, such as exploring the historical places, including Havar, Dubrovnik, and the other secluded beaches.

5. Ionian Coast, Turkey

Turkey has 8,300 kilometers long coastline. The abundance of marinas, beaches, and the bays attract thousands of yacht enthusiasts each year. Owning to the crystal clear blue waters, Turkey is considered the best place for sailing and kayaking. The secluded anchorages and the stunning beaches give the tourists an out of the world feeling. You should prefer Turkish Airlines booking if you want to visit Turkey.
The Far East and the Mediterranean meet in Turkey, meaning that the country is a mixture of various cultures and traditions. The stretch is divided into four yacht charter areas, each offering a distinct experience. The Ionian Coast is famous not only for climate but also for the mountainous shores.

6. Greater Victoria, Canada

Unquestionably, the Greater Victoria is a boating and sailing capital of British Columbia. This scenic region lies at the tip of Vancouver Island, Canada. Given the craggy inlets, sheltered bays, and the safe anchorages, this place is a heaven for the sailors. Here, you can also see a lot of marine wildlife that will put a long-lasting impression on your mind and soul. Sea otters, bald eagles, and killer whales are some of the mysterious animals. Since the weather remains mild throughout the year, anybody can come here whenever they want.


That’s it from our side. We have thoroughly explained the nature of yachting places and how you can enjoy them to the fullest. If you want to visit any of the countries mentioned in this article, then visit faremaker.com and fly high.

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