6 Items for Your Room Makeover


When you move into a new home, you have to start from scratch if the house is not furnished. The painting, decoration, and all other fittings have to be stylish and functional. Most of the people have a very minimal idea about the decoration and arrangement of their rooms. Besides, your friends and family may suggest buying stuff that will empty your pockets, but you don’t need several decorative items in your room.

You can make your room look pretty by using minimal items. For that, you just need to find a store that provides home decor items, like House 2 Home Crow Nest. You will find numerous online and physical stores to buy stuff for your new home. And then you can buy the personalised items as per your taste, or convert your home according to your personal preference with these items.

The millennials are frequently travelling and settling in new places for a few months or years. Hence, the demand for home decor items has also increased in the past few years, and they are sure to make your home a sweet home.

So, the six items you need to get to decorate your home are:

  • Fairy Lights & Honeycomb Lights

The fairy lights make the evening better. Especially if you have a patio, you can sit inside in the dim light and watch the view.

Honeycomb LED lights are the new trend in the market. People love it because of its ability to stick to the wall. It can also be rearranged to make different shapes. You can use your virtual assistant to control the colours or switch them on and off.

  • Bottles and Vases

Fairy lights, when combined with bottles and vases, make it a perfect table lamp, and it also brightens up the whole room. Five to seven bottles are more than enough to make the table and room illuminated.

  • Decorative Table Lamp

If you want a bright and clear table and keep the rest of the room in darkness, a table lamp is an excellent choice. It is suitable for reading and writing at night. But, make sure that the aesthetics of the lamp matches your room and your taste.

  • Colourful Curtains

Curtains make your room look neat, while they add more colours to your room. You can buy a matching set of the couch cover, bed sheet and curtain to give your room a fabulous look.

  • Plants and Planters

A little bit of greenery is always good. You don’t need to buy an actual plant for decoration. If you are a busy person and spend less time at home, you may not have the time for watering and nurturing the plants. In that case, it is better to get a fake one with a beautiful planter for decorating your window, almirah or wherever you are putting it on.

  • A Set of Framed Photos on the Wall

If the wall of your room is empty, hanging all your memorable pictures on the wall will be a good idea. You can get frames from online stores like House 2 Home Crow Nest and hang them on your walls. Meanwhile, some prefer a monochromatic look for the wall, i.e., a black and white picture on a white wall.

These six items will surely make your room look attractive as well as functional. You can add your ideas to these items and modify them to suit your preferences and personality.