6 Ingenious Ways to Turn Your Simple Popcorn Boxes into a Fabulous Shape


Popcorns are generic products in the food industry, and it is difficult for them to attract attention alone. You can try your luck by changing their taste, aroma, and delectableness. What really matters or has the potential in this regard is the use of inviting popcorn boxes. But, what it takes to turn these packages into the most inspiring ones? For a better understanding, you need to keep on reading this guide that covers some successful techniques.

1- Use strategic color themes:

Everything in this world has some sort of color which is why we associate different hues with special and secretive meanings. These meanings or associations can vary according to cultural differences, but mostly they are the same. You need to mix up the right colors in the design to make the popcorn boxes UK look ravishing. If the mixture of hues is not providing a perfect contrast, an unappealing visual noise is produced that can backfire. The best strategy is to mix up some light hues with one of the four basic colors with a higher wavelength. The red, yellow, green, and blue possess a higher bandwidth and produce visually pleasing results upon mixing with lighter shades. This is just one approach, but you can also select the hues as per the likings of the audience being targeted.

2- Improve material quality:

The dream of turning your simple food boxes into something high-end cannot be achieved unless you do not revisit your material selection. Sticking to some low-quality materials just because they are cost-effective will produce a negative impression, and your image will suffer. Use some materials with premium quality like Kraft or bux board that never fail to provide the required protection. They also yield some excellent printing results, and when embossed with different designs, they feel impressive on the hands. Receiving the popcorns in an intact form with some enticingly printed designs on the packages will reflect the brand quality.

3- Offer a sneak peek:

The desire to view the products before finalizing the buying decision can never end. The popcorns are delicate edibles, and the customers are concerned a lot about their quality and delectableness. Bringing some transparency in the design can address this increasing concern of the buyers’ pool. Nothing is more influential than the die-cut windows in this regard because they are made from translucent PVC sheets. Employ die-cut technology to introduce these windows on your custom popcorn boxes. The convenience of previewing the popcorns’ integrity and posture without any effort make the customers fall in love with them.

4- Amend the box style:

Despite the technological advancements and revolutions, there are some manufacturers who still stick to conventional designs. The researches are done by the experts that this strategy is quite useful, but being too basic sometimes can prove harmful. It is human nature that we become unresponsive and numb towards the things that we see on a regular basis. The potential clients are no exception, and they can think of your brand as complacent, and they might switch their brands. Adding some exclusive features such as the handles or sleeves in the bakery boxes can go in your favor.

5- Well-thought-out fonts:

Typography on the custom packaging is the real deal-breaker that can make or break your impression on the audience. Its significance heightens even more when you have to convey the important technical details regarding the popcorns. When selecting the fonts, the visual appeal and legibility of the text are the things that need to be considered seriously. The text which makes the headings should be printed with the display typefaces as they are bolder. The use of only readable display fonts is recommended because some of them, like Gothic, can produce unwanted results. The body of the text looks elegant and pleasing to the eyes when the typefaces like Sans serif and script are used.

6- Addition of inspiring effects:

While printing is essential to enhance the aesthetics of custom popcorn boxes, the effects add a premium touch. The techniques like embossing and debossing, along with the impressive finishing options, can produce some 3D-like effects to catch attention. The touch effects can be introduced to the packages as well for better customer experience and increased brand image. The coatings with textured impacts like soft-touch and raised UV are perfect for elevating the haptic appeal of these packages. You can also add some target-oriented effects for a more creative appearance and reflection of your product’s quality.

Previously, you could make a positive influence on the audience with the popcorns alone. Now is the era that demands an outstanding outer appearance for the items to be able to get noticed. The popcorn boxes with some state-of-the-art designs instantaneously boost up their visual appeal to compel the audience to take notice.