6 Do’s and Don’ts Of Shopping Shoes Online


When it comes to buying shoes online, style is often the major factor that is commonly considered. However, factoring in style isn’t the only way to get online shoe shopping right. There are plenty of other factors such as comfort, durability, and material type, which, if considered, can help you make your online shoe shopping worthwhile.

Also, prioritising these factors will help you avoid making wrong decision (which many new online shoppers make). To help you make your online shoe shopping experience a hassle-free one, we have created a list of important do’s and don’ts which you can follow.

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  • Do shop for shoes online from the right brands

One of the musts of buying shoes online is to choose from the right brands and online stores. The reason for this is there are a vast number of online stores where you can buy different types of shoes. Also, there is no shortage of options, the biggest catch is will you be able to check out all the online stores to find the shoes that suit you? For doing that, you need to dedicate a lot of time.

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However, if you have a busy schedule and can’t afford to spend all day looking for the right type of shoes online, the best option for you is to look for brands that exclusively offer shoes or have shoes as one of their primary product lineups. Doing this helps you narrow down your options and make things easier for you. One hack that’s worth trying is to use filters when browsing shoes on brands’ and online stores’ websites. Applying filters such as shoe size, shoe type, shoe brand, and price range can help you find the perfect fit in a non-time consuming way.

  • Do factor in breathability

Breathability in shoes is something that is commonly overlooked. Just like with fitness wear, it’s important that the shoes you wear are breathable so that you don’t stand at the risk of skin soreness and allergies.

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Synthetic or imitation leather does no good when it comes to ensuring breathability. If you are shopping for leather shoes, make sure that the leather is genuine. Many online stores include the information as to whether or not the leather that’s used in the shoes is genuine. Microfibre and microporous polyester are other materials that promote breathability and ensure long-lasting comfort.

  • Do learn about the size measurement that the online store uses

Just like with any wearables, size is one of the most important factors to consider when buying shoes online. One of the common problems that many online shoppers face while shopping shoes online is improper fitting of the delivered products. At times, it can be such that even if you know your foot size and have ordered shoes of the right size, they might not fit you properly. The reason for this is feet measurements vary from one online store to another.

In order to steer clear from this type of issue, use the size chart that is included in the product pages of many online shoe stores. Also, many size charts include tips to properly measure your feet so that you don’t go wrong in choosing the right size. Some of the best online stores to buy shoes offer the option of returning or exchanging purchased products. So, if the size of the shoes that you recently bought isn’t right for you, you can return them and have them replaced with another size or simply get your money refunded.


  • Don’t buy shoes that don’t come with a warranty

One of the red flags to watch out for when buying casual shoes, fabulous shoes, or any other type of shoe is exclusion of  warranty. No warranty from the seller or manufacturer essentially means that you can’t get any solution but to keep the shoes with you if they get damaged too early or on their own. Damages such as tears and fading of colours are common.

Popular and reputed online stores like Amazon offer warranty that is provided by the shoe brand which makes them one of the best places to buy shoes online. Even if you buy shoes online elsewhere, make sure that the store provides a warranty for a specific period of time. This is especially important if you choose to buy shoes that are on the high price ranges.

  • Don’t go for recommendations

If you have a particular taste in shoes, going for recommendations from your friends and online stores is out of the question for you. However, if you are new to developing a certain taste in shoes, it’s best to do your own research than to go for recommendations (as you may not like them after you buy them).

Read fashion magazines, online articles, and fashion websites to broaden your shoe knowledge palette. The more you research, the more you start learning about the world of shoe styling. With time, you can gradually start developing your personal preferences.

  • Avoid buying cheap shoes online

It’s a must to avoid buying shoes that have cheap prices online. Of course, many people get under the perception that shopping for cheap shoes online will help them save money. However, there are several good reasons not to do this.

The first important reason is subpar quality. Sure, even the cheapest shoes that are available online can look premium at first few glances. But, the deceiving looks can trick you into buying shoes with poor build quality and low-quality material choice. Such types of shoes do not last long and are often a total waste of money. You will do good to yourself if you increase your budget and go for high-quality shoes that have excellent build quality and are durable enough to last for a long period of time.

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Another important reason is comfort. Cheap shoes aren’t comfortable in any way. After all, they are made using low-quality materials that do not feel comfortable to your sole and your overall feet.

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