6 Design Ideas For A Co-working Space

design co working space

Are you looking for ways to make your co-working space more productive, fun, and enjoyable for your clients and customers? Or maybe you’re looking for some factors to consider for choosing a good office space in Alabang. The way that a co-working space is built affects the productivity and safety of the environment. This guide will help you consider the good design ideas for a co-working space.


One furniture to include in your co-working space is some beanbags. This type of furniture is comfortable. Beanbags adjust to the shape of your body once you sit on them so this type of furniture is perfect for those who sit on chairs and work long hours in front of their computer.

People who tend to stay too long on one certain sitting position while working are prone to suffer from back pain, encounter posture problems and headaches. Co-workers can also just simply use this to take a break and relax. You can have fun with adding beanbags to your space by adding bags with different colors.  


Niche Spaces

Co-working spaces are rising due to its flexibility, collaboration, and it’s value to sustainability. Creating niche corners and spaces will allow a certain market to find support in each other and empower their community. Community-specific spaces reinforce the value and celebrate the power of a certain circle. 

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Professional Meeting Spaces

Although co-working spaces are collaborative, you want to give space to cater to customers that seek to have privacy and more professionalism. Some may rent out this room for a day for one-day client meetings.

Start-up business is a good market for this type of space because they are most likely looking for a venue to begin their work at an affordable price. Coworking spaces have the advantage to offer these kinds of rooms because they are much cheaper than renting out space in a corporate building.

You can give this space a boost by adding upscale digital equipment like projectors, computers, microphones, and reception support. All these make professional meeting spaces one of the best design ideas for a coworking space. 

Smart Technology Environment

As the digital and technology era evolves, it is important for your coworking space to keep up with what it demands by constantly improving and evolving the services that you offer. This will make your place more attractive and convenient for your clients. Here are some ways that your coworking space can benefit from technology: 

Security System: it is vital to have a strong security system in your coworking space. Security and safety are not meant to be overlooked. You only want the best for your customers and surroundings so it is important to purchase technology that values these like CCTV cameras that can be accessed from a main phone and computer.

Customer Access Control: investing in an access control system will completely transform your coworking space. Like a card reading door or biometrics system specialized for regular customers. 

Managing Softwares: there are software solutions that can help coworking space administrators or managers track and organize packages for customers and members. 

Communication Applications: there are various applications in the market that cater to the specific needs of businesses. Investing in applications that reduce operational workflow and engages with your community is perfect for a coworking space. 


Outdoor Spaces

Some may want to have a change of scenery while working for a chance for them to increase their productivity and think clearly. Providing outdoor spaces in your coworking space does that. You also want to think about customers that smoke cigarettes, you can consider putting up a smoking area outside as well. 


Single Private Spaces

Co-working spaces are known to have a collaborative environment. But you would also want a space to cater to individuals that work independently and privately. This space is great for freelancers or remote workers too. It provides altered focus and motivation. 

Add More Indoor Plants

Adding plants to your space isn’t just keeping up with the trends, it is also rather healthy. Houseplants or indoor plants are beneficial to your health. They release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. Also, plants improve a space’s air quality.

It increases humidity and reduces levels of pollutants and airborne dust levels. All workers are aiming to have productive days. Adding plants to surroundings is a great way to provide something positive and nurturing for them. If you’re also aiming for a minimalist aesthetic for your co-working space, plants are a cost-effective way to spice up your interior design. 


Key Takeaway

Most coworkers look for is a flexible and collaborative environment that inspires them to be more productive on the everyday tasks that they need to do. If you’re looking for office space in Alabang, keep in mind that the design and built of the co-working space just as much as other sole deciding factors. 

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