6 Best Tablets That Will Take the Place of Your Laptop


ThinkPad X1 Tablet

No company is leading the laptop innovation quite good like Lenovo meet the ThinkPad x1 carbon from Lenovo a lightweight tablet that reinvents Portability and antennas ooh from a workstation packed. With an eighth generation Core i7 processor and 16 gigabytes of RAM the ThinkPad x1 is a tablet that is powerful enough to boost your productivity. The ThinkPad x1 carbon comes with a 4k IPS display with Dolby vision that will show amazing visual while playing or editing a video or an image you will get 256 gigabytes to one terabyte storage. In this tablet which is big enough for you to store all of your important files and documents user data security has always been a major concern for Lenovo and that’s why they have included the discreet trusted platform module on. The ThinkPad x1 which will encrypt your data and work in conjunction with Windows 10 Pro security it also features a fingerprint reader that uses biometric algorithm ensuring only you have the access to your laptop. The ThinkPad x1 weighs only 2.7 pounds so that you can carry it comfortably with you anywhere. This tablet comes with a powerful battery that will let you use it for up to nine hours so that you can use it for as long as you want without worrying about recharging. 

iPad Pro

The new iPad pro has been completely redesigned and packed with Apple’s most advanced technology it will make you rethink what the new iPad is really capable of. There are two sizes of the latest iPad pro which are the 11 inches and 12 point 9 inch version. The iPad pro has a wide body but it’s six millimeters thin body will make you feel that you are holding a teen rectangle of metal and compared to a 13 inches laptop it’s pretty much breezy to carry. The new liquid Retina Display is used in the iPad pro which goes from edge to edge the true to life color and promotion technology make everything in the display look gorgeous and feel responsive. The iPad pro uses a powerful 8 12 X cheap and it’s the smartest most powerful chip that Apple used in the iPad pro. it has a neutral engine which runs 5 trillion operations per second and enables advanced machine learning which will give you a completely new experience at the back of the iPad pro there’s a 12 megapixel F 1.8 aperture camera with smart HDR a quad LD true tone flash the camera supports 4k video recording at up to 60 frames per second. The front-facing true depth camera of the iPad pro features a 7 missile lens which also comes with smart HDR. The iPad pro can be charged from its USB type-c port and connects to accessories like cameras and displays the USB type-c port also enables fast charging features on the iPad pro. The iPad pro comes with a powerful battery that features 10 hours of long lasting battery life when surfing. The web watching video and movies on Movie Hustle or listening to music. If you are searching for a compact and efficient laptop alternative that can offer excellent portability then this super-fast iPad pro is the right choice for you the price for the 11 inches model starts from seven ninety nine dollars and nine ninety nine dollars for the twelve point nine inches.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Microsoft has been instrumental in bringing computing to everyone meet the surface pro 7 from Microsoft a slim and stylish two-in-one tablet that comes with improved speed performance and all-day battery life. With Microsoft signature aspect ratio of 3 by 2 the surface pro 7 comes with a twelve point three inches PixelSense touchscreen display that has 267 pixels per inch density so that you can get more puncher viewing experience with rich vivid colors. The surface pro 7 comes with Intel’s 10 generation dual-core processor so that you will have faster performance on-the-go. The surface pro 7 supports up to 16 gigabytes low power ddr4 Ram and for faster read/write transfer and to store your files you can choose from 128 gigabytes to 1 terabytes of SSD. This will allow you to store all of your favorite movie or TV series and watch them while traveling. Its front-facing camera is compatible with Windows hello fritz authentication system for better security and the camera can record 720p video and capture sharp images thus your surface pro will remain safe while being able to record great videos or capture photos on the go. The surface pro is packed with a powerful battery which allows it to work non-stop for up to ten point five hours on a single charge giving you a full day of uninterrupted workflow. The surface pro 7 ways as low as 1.7 pounds giving you the ultimate portability and allow you to be more productive while you are going somewhere. If you are looking for a portable and powerful laptop alternative which can provide excellent performance on the move while doing lightweight graphic demanding work then you should definitely go for the Microsoft Surface pro 7 tablet.