6 Amazing Cookie Packaging Ideas


Cookies are the most relished treat of all times, and we can’t imagine our lives without their scrumptious taste, crunchy sound, and heavenly aroma.

They make up the best gift to send to your loved ones or make new friends when packaged in attractive cookie boxes. As cookie brands are innovating their packaging trends, we have come up with six most amazing packaging ideas to help you make your cookie brand come on top of all the rest.

Cardboard Tins:

Cardboard tins will prove to be the ideal packaging idea for your cookies due to their sturdy structure, unique appeal, and extensive protection factor. Such kind of cookie boxes looks highly attractive when printed with custom designs and vibrant colors. How about adding small floral prints on them with lively hues and giving a touch of metal by printing your logo with metal foil stamping? While this is just one good suggestion, you can be as creative in their design customizations as you want to be. The rigid structure of these boxes has a luxurious appeal that adds more value to the packaged cookies and makes the consumers think highly of your brand, which must be your ultimate goal.

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Kraft Gables:

Do you know that gables boxes are one of the most favorite packaging solutions among consumers? They have an enticing appeal and are extremely handy, which makes them the most preferred choice of consumers. You can use them as a packaging solution for your cookies and observe a significant boost in their sales. When placed on the retail shelves, the unique aura of these colorful cookie boxes makes them stand out among the rest of the products while they further satisfy the consumers with their ease of handling. They can be your best salesperson when printed with amazing illustrations and convincing brand information. Their surface offers a smooth canvas for the printing of any kind of artwork, while unique custom cutout shapes can be carved on them to amplify their charm.

Display Pillows:

Is there anything more delightful for consumers than having their favorite cookies packaged adorably in attractive pillow boxes? Definitely not. The lovely shape of these boxes makes everyone fall in love with them, which will help to sell your cookies like hotcakes. Their desirability can be further enhanced by increasing their display. This would be done by adding transparent windows in them that will offer a glimpse of your luscious cookies to the beholders, after which they will not resist buying them at once to bless their taste buds with the scrumptiousness of the flaunted cookies.

Cabinet Boxes:

It is a no-brainer that something that has the most exquisite and unique appearance manages to attract the attention of consumers to the maximum. So one good way of giving the most outstanding appeal to your Custom Printed Cookie Boxes is by customizing them in the shape of cabinets. What an experience it will give to the consumers when they would be sliding the drawers of the boxes to get the most delicious cookies out. The cost of such exquisite boxes would be more than the other types of boxes, but believe it or not, they will give you maximum return on investment by skyrocketing your sales. However, you can still save some money in their customization by getting Custom Cookie Boxes Wholesale rather than smaller quantities.

Cosmetic Kits:

How about giving your Cookie Boxes the style of a cosmetic kit? Sounds weird? Believe it; it will the best thing that you can do to give your brand a hype in the market. Such detailed packaging will offer the most admirable experience to the consumers when they pull out each section of the box to have a divine sight of the cookies in the most luxurious way. Remember, it’s not just about the looks of the packaging, but the experience the consumers have with it matters equally. Getting such a lavish packaging will be heavier on your budget, but the interesting thing is that the customers will be willing to pay more to enjoy the divine experience it offers.

Display Sliders:

Another great idea for cookie packaging leads us towards the slider boxes. Most of the luxury brands use these boxes for their high-end products due to their luxurious impression. You can also give a luxury effect to your packaging and offer an elegant experience to the customers by providing them your lovely cookies in slider boxes. Consumers will have a special kind of excitement with the smooth sliding and gradual revelation of the lip-smacking cookies. It would be nice to add a cute little knob on the front side of the box so that it becomes easier to slide the tray out of the sleeve. When transparent windows are added to them, you will observe an even more increase in sales.

Having unique and innovative boxes for your cookies will do more good for your business than you ever anticipated. A study says that almost 74% of consumers are likely to share the images of packaging on their social media platforms if they find it enchanting enough. So if your packaging entices the customers, you will have a huge audience marketing for you. Cookie brands in the United States are well aware of the power of packaging, which makes them use exquisitely designed Custom Cookie Boxes USAas a token of their success.

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