5 Ways Your Reception Area Makes an Impression


When you walk into any business establishment, the first thing you notice is the reception area, hence your first impression of a business is going to be formed by its reception. Of course, the space needs to be visually appealing, however, that is not the only criterion – your reception area needs to be a reflection of your business and its unique value proposition. It is not a simple task to design the space, as it is not just about setting up designer reception chairs such as leather cantilever chair or other fancy things, in fact, you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket to create a reception space that is both distinct as well as functional.

Hence, we are going to talk about five ways that your reception area makes an impression and how you can design around it:

Creating a Welcoming Ambience

If you are thinking about fostering positive customer relations, then fashioning your reception area accordingly is something that you might want to look into. Instead of going for opulent pieces, go for something that is comforting and will make your brand feel relatable. A good tip is to go for decor with pieces that you might find in homes, which can bring in a touch of relatability. Of course, when we say this, we do not mean that you should inundate your reception area with leather couches – the space needs to be professional as well. This concept works especially well for offices, where you might get visitors or clients who appear anxious for example, clinics, wherein patients arrive generally a little nervous. Another arena, where such sort of decor and ambience would be welcome is if your business is the kind that works on fostering one-on-one relationships and offers personalized services. Going for the core elements such as comfortable furniture that has been upholstered in stain-resistant materials, usage of warm and neutral colours, and addition of little homely touches, like lamps, rugs, plants, etc. can help you in creating that homely vibe.

Bring in Tranquillity

The biggest example of this kind of reception area would probably be a spa, therapy office, etc. Fostering that sense of peace and tranquillity means that you need Zen-like design which would be clean and architectural, coupled with minimalism and themes inspired by nature. When the entire point of the decor of the reception area is to make your client feel relaxed, then you will have to use elements that are generally aesthetically pleasant and minimalistic yet stylish at the same time. Using design concepts like mood lighting, water features, plants, etc. can add to that Zen element of design for your reception area and will instantly uplift the mood of anyone who walks into your office.

Throw in Some Glamour

For brands that deal with luxury or high-profile transactions, a touch of sophistication and glamour is something that is essential for the reception space to exude. The point is to leave a favourable impression on the rich and famous, hence impressing them the moment they walk in would make them feel like they are visiting an elite establishment. Of course, we do not mean that you need to go over the top and put gilded gold accents everywhere, however, using quality products really make a difference. Decor elements such as floral arrangements that are opulent, or accent pieces that are dramatic, in fact, the overall usage of materials of top-notch quality is something that you must really invest into, to give that impression of class and elegance.

Pick Up the Energy

For start-ups or companies that deal in the creative field – giving out an energetic vibe which tells potential customers, existing clients and investors about how you are a team of dedicated, hard-working individuals who are ready to embrace new things, is a message best conveyed by vibrant decor. Ranging from pop colours which could be in your accent furniture, walls, statement pieces or even wall art and signage filled with motivational quotations, as well as bright lighting give that message and make your space look young and vibrant.

Showcase Your Creativity

When you want to add that element of creativity to your workspace as well, giving off that in trend vibe can be done through edgier decor that grabs attention the moment you walk in. Ranging from eclectic furniture that is a far cry from the standard, upholstered, leather or wooden furniture, to art pieces and murals adorning your wall – do not hold yourself back, when trying to make your office and reception area look just as creative as the minds working in it. By making bolder choices you let the people who walk in, know that as creative professionals you are not afraid to take risks, however, do not make a clutter – eclectic design elements can blend together in synergy and that is exactly the kind of vibe you need to go for.

Whatever your choice of reception style may be, keeping it in line with your brand image is something that can leave a lasting impression in the mind of your potential and existing clients as well as investors. A well-designed reception area will always create brand association, and enhance consumer trust in your business. So go out, and experiment with different kinds of designer reception desks and chairs to come up with something that you can call uniquely your own and leave a lasting impression in the mind of every visitor.