5 Ways to Transform Your Home into an Oasis of Peace


There’s hardly a person out there who wouldn’t want their house to be a real oasis of peace. The problem is, we live in a fast-paced world. No one has time to stop our homes from turning into jungles full of disorganized piles of clothes. But what if we told you that there are ways to transform your home into a zen-like sanctuary, no matter how little free time you have? Listed below are five of them that might be exactly what your home needs.

Simplify your space

First and foremost, you need to start de-cluttering your home. Zen-inspired spaces are usually connected with clean and minimalist design. This means it’s time to go on a purge of your belongings and try to simplify your home as much as possible. While getting rid of the clutter from your home, you’ll also be de-cluttering your mind. This makes relaxing and resting much easier. Of course, getting rid of the things you’ve been savings isn’t necessarily the easiest task. You could probably use all the help you can get. The most popular technique for getting rid of excess things includes sorting stuff into boxes labelled “sell,” “donate,” and “throw away.”

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Put down the tech

These days, people aren’t just fed up with disorganized closets and messy kitchens. They also want to let go of technology and get some rest. Luckily, there are no rules that say you need technology in every part of your home. For example, if there’s a home office in your home, make sure you keep your laptop and tablet there. Even if you don’t have a home office, you can always designate a central spot where you can store and charge your devices. This won’t only help you keep your home tidy, but it’ll stop you from scrolling through Twitter and Facebook every fifteen minutes. Just bear in mind that it takes a few weeks to build a routine. So be very careful with how you use tech once you start turning your home into an oasis.

Decorate with plants

Do you want to put a little joy into your home? The easiest way to do this is to bring some of the outsides in. Greenery is known to create the zen feel you want in your home. Bringing in just a few potted plants is guaranteed to help you do this. Not only that these things can make your interior feel more relaxing, but they’ll also help you keep the air inside of it clean. Moreover, potted plants can absorb some of the sound coming from the street. This can help you transform your home into an oasis of peace and joy. Some of them are even considered to be good luck flowers which can assist in turning your dreams into reality.

Choose the right colors

If you want your home to emit a sense of peace and rejuvenation, opting for the right colors is extremely important. Think soft and neutral tones for almost every part of the house. If it feels like your interior could use a fresh coat of paint, this might be the perfect opportunity to add these tones into your home. Your safest bet is to pick earthy and natural colors for the walls, ceiling, and floors. When it comes to textures, adding more natural wood and stone is a no-brainer. In case there’s a zone or an item you want to put the accent on, you can use splashes of sunset orange or coral green.

Utilize soft lighting

Bright light can do wonders for those looking to get stimulated and energized. However, that’s the opposite of what you’re going for and lowering the light in your home can be a great idea. If you have harsh fluorescent lights in your home, replacing them with lamps that come with a dim switcher is recommended. Another good idea is to get candle lights and make it a habit of using them instead of lamps. Opting for scented candles means that you’ll also get to enjoy aromatherapy while getting rid of harsh lighting. Combine scented candles with essential oils and you’ll activate your brain’s limbic system which controls emotions, memory, learning, and more. Scents that’ll make your home smell amazing include lavender, rainforest, and pine.

The bottom line

Your home is a reflection of you and there’s no doubt you’d want it to be tranquil and harmonious. No matter how busy you are, doing the five things covered in this post shouldn’t be tough and you’ll manage to transform your home into an oasis of peace you’ve always dreamed of. Embrace your newfound retreat and you there will be nothing stopping you from feeling zen and being ready for new challenges every day.

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