5 Ways Spirit Guide Animals Communicate With You

animals communicate with you

You’re going through one of the hardest periods of your life. As you sit in your room crying to yourself, you feel something touch you on the shoulder. Suddenly, all the stress you were feeling a moment ago has been lifted off your shoulders.

This could have been your spirit animal reaching out to you. The concept of spirit guide animals isn’t anything new. It goes way back in Native American tradition.

Everyone has one of these guides. It’s all a matter of reaching out to them and finding them. We can give you some pointers. Keep reading to learn how to get in touch with your spirit animal.

1. Believe in Your Spirit Guide

The first step in figuring out your main power animal is to believe that you have one. Sit down and think about moments in your life where an unknown force seemed to push you in a certain direction (not literally). Maybe you were calmed down after a stressful event or saved from something.

Journal these events. Write down everything that occurred, including any smells or sounds. All these clues might be pushing you toward your guide.

2. Pay Close Attention to Your Dreams

If you’re like most people, your dreams can get pretty strange. Still, you must sort through the chaos to look for symbolism. No matter how strange things get, your dreams are connected to your conscious self.

If you spot any animals in your dreams, write them down. If you notice a pattern in your notes, there’s a good chance that the creature that keeps popping up is your guide.

3. Consider Past Connections

Think back to your childhood. Was there a particular animal that you seemed drawn to? Did you have a pet that you got more attached to than the others?

Did a wild animal cross your path multiple times? In the case of all these scenarios, that attachment could have been you reaching out to your spirit animal subconsciously or your spirit animal reaching out to you.

4. Get a Reading Done

Another great way to reach out to your animal totem is to get a reading done. The reader can tap into your spirit animal. They might even be able to connect you to them.

You can go here for more info if you would like to learn about these readings and what they can do for you.

5. Ask

You may not have to do anything complicated to get your spiritual guide to reach out to you. It might be as simple as asking them if they can appear.

When you’re alone, try to clear your mind and talk to your guide. Over the next few days, look for signs to see if they’ve decided to answer your call.

Connecting to Your Spirit Guide Animals

Have you always felt a mysterious force helping you through all life’s problems? This might have been your spirit guide animals reaching out to you.

We hope that you can use one of these methods to connect with them. If you’re looking for additional ways to get to know your guide, we can help. Check out our blog for more articles like this one.