5 Warning Signs You Need a Flat Roof Repair



If you’ve clicked on this post, you’re most likely suspicious about the current state of your roof.

Is your roof damaged? Do you need professional flat roof repair? Can you get away with ignoring any present damage?

To answer the first question — probably, if you notice anything out of the ordinary. For the second question — most likely. It takes skill and experience to do DIY repairs, and professional roofers have the quality materials and expertise to address your problematic roof.

As for the third question — definitely not. Ignoring any damage to your roof will only give it time to worsen.

Keep reading to know some of the signs of a damaged roof. Then you’ll know if it’s time to call a professional flat roofing service.

1. High Energy Bill

Flat roofing enables homes to save money on their energy bill. That’s because good materials and techniques keep temperature insulated more effectively, letting heating/AC units function without expending excess energy.

When flat roofs become aged or worn, they’re not able to insulate homes very well. So if your energy bill is too high or you’ve noticed it rising, then it may be time for a flat roof replacement.

2. Leaking

If you notice your flat roof leaking, contact a professional roof repair service immediately. Not only does a leaky roof indicate damage, but it could worsen if ignored.

Excessive moisture can create mildew and mold, which can spread throughout your house. If your home becomes congested with mold, you could suffer serious health and financial consequences. It’s much cheaper and easier to fix a leaky roof when it’s first detected than it is to resolve a mold problem.

You might even want to investigate the link between flat roofs and hail damage if you’ve just experienced hail. The combination of abrasion and moisture should make you wary of potential roof damage to come.

3. Pooling Water

Too much water is never a good sign, even if it doesn’t leak onto your floor. If you notice that water is pooling on your roof, it means that your roof has either been misconstructed or that it’s been compromised through time.

Proper roofing ensures that your roof is sloped. This ensures that water is adequately shed so that moisture can’t build up. As we’ve just covered, if moisture is continuously accumulated, mold can easily rear its ugly head into your home.

4. Discoloration

Without visible leaks or cracks, roof damage may not be obvious. But any strange discoloration on your roof can indicate that you need the best roof repair company.

Algae stains are the most common form of roof discoloration and stem from excessive moisture. Debris stains are typically collected in shaded areas on your roof, usually under trees. There are also stains that form around ill-manufactured shingles on your roof, looking “bled through”.

5. Cracks

Cracks along your flat roof’s membrane need the best roof repair service. Whether the damage comes from sunlight overexposure or high temperatures, you’ll need a good membrane replacement. Cracked roofs can come from sunlight overexposure or high-temperature exposure.

This can cause a myriad of problems, the least of which is the aforementioned high energy bill. If left unattended, roof cracks can get bigger, causing more serious and costly roof damage.

Let Roof Repair Save Your Home and Your Finances!

Now you understand how essential immediate repair is for roof damage. If you’ve noticed any of these signs, make sure that you contact a professional flat roofer!

This guide should have helped you understand when you need essential roof repair. If it has, then check out the rest of our site! We have plenty of information like this, which educates readers on practical necessary know-how.