5 Tips That Will Help You In Buying The Best Hospital Bed Air Mattress

Medical air mattress

A medical air mattress is the alternating pressure system designed to offer comfort to the patients who have to spend at least 15 hours on a bed in a day. A patient who cannot move much can develop pressure wounds and bedsores if they stay in the same position for a long period.

Also, restricted movement implies low blood flow, which can cause the patient’s skin to breakdown. However, with low air loss and alternating pressure mechanism, a hospital bed air mattress aids in maintaining healthy blood circulation in the patient.

The mattress contains multiple air cylinders placed parallel to one another. The air flows in a sequence amongst the cylinders to perfuse blood in those areas that are more likely to develop pressure ulcers and bedsores. When a cell gets inflated, another one gets deflated, and this motion relieves pressure put on problematic body areas, stimulating blood flow.

To choose the right hospital bed air mattress, consider the following tips.

  1. Cleaning requirement of the mattress –medical air mattress features a regular air circulation but the material used in making it should be stain-resistant and waterproof. This is because the patient who uses such a mattress is generally bedridden and has limited mobility. Their bodily fluids may leak and cause stains or foul smell. Moreover, water, liquid food, medicines, etc. can also be accidentally spilled on the mattress. A good air mattress should not require frequent cleaning because moving such a patient can be challenging.

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  1. Comfort offered – While choosing the mattress, make sure it offers maximum comfort to the patient. The whole purpose of buying an air mattress is to make the recovery period extremely convenient for the patient. Choose a mattress that has sturdy edges so that even if the patient moves toward the side, they would not fall. Moreover, the mechanism of the mattress should be of top quality.
  2. Cost – A medical air mattress is expensive than other types of mattresses but can come in varying price ranges. You should go for a mattress with a high price only if it comes with extra features and a great warranty period. If the mattress possesses normal features, you should not pay extra for it.
  3. User mobility – If the mobility of the patient is zero, buy an air mattress that comes with suitable features, such as sturdy edges, decent air circulation system, waterproof and stain-resistant cover, etc. In case the patient can move around a bit, you can go for a normal air mattress.
  4. Air circulation system – Some brands offer cheaper air mattresses but the air circulation system they use is not of top-notch quality. A common problem in such mattresses is excessive air leaks due to low-quality valves, connections, and air pumps, which cause the air to leak. However, in a hospital bed mattress by a superior, reputable, and reliable brand, you will not notice such problems.


Buying an air mattress can be tricky but by using the above-mentioned tips, you can choose the right one. Also, purchasing a high-quality mattress should be your priority.

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