5 Things You Should Know While or Before Moving to the USA

USA immigration consultant in Dubai
USA immigration consultant in Dubai

If you are moving from Dubai to the USA, then there are several cultural differences you have to be ready for! Aside from the fact that both nations are beautiful and speak English, there is not much else that Americans share with the people of the UAE. From thanksgiving to NFL, we have collected some important things for you that we think a potential immigrant like you should know before you ‘head out’ there. In case of any doubts or confusion, it is suggested to consult with your USA immigration consultant in Dubai.

Now, let us get started!

  1. No two states or cities are the same 

The USA is a country of 3.8 million square miles. Across the 50 states, you will get to see a huge variation in everything from dialect to laws to accents. Hop on a flight from Rhode to Utah and you will wonder if you are still in the same nation! Cannabis is perfectly permissible in Maine but it is strictly forbidden in Louisiana. Almost 90% of Mississippi people think that religious values are important while less than 45% of Vermont people think the same. The coldest months in Florida and Miami are warmer than the warmest months in California and San Francisco. Hope, you get an idea of how different each state is!

  1. The healthcare is NOT FREE

Americans have a rather ‘different’ approach to healthcare than the other countries do! Immigrating to the USA means escaping the 2 percent Medicare Income Tax but in return, you must take out Private Medical Insurance. One of the best ways to do this is typically through your employer, even though it is easily available to full-time employees. Even ambulance medics also have the right to ask you to provide the insurance details before they take you to the hospital. So, it is a great idea to have health insurance while in the USA after immigration. You can also ask your USA immigration consultant in Dubai to suggest if they know any good health insurance provider in the country.

  1. Work is everything for Americans

If you are thinking that you will have a jolly good time with your loved ones in the USA after immigration, then you are wrong! We are saying this because America is the only developed country/economy in the world where employers are not ‘required’ by law to provide their employees with ANY PAID LEAVE. Fortunately, most businesses in the county do offer holiday allowance, even though the national average for the same is only 21 days in a year.

  1. The portions of the food are massive

Being a superpower in the world, the USA has got everything so big, even the food portions. It is a stereotype that the people of America tend to eat ‘supersize’ bites. A ‘Food Service Warehouse’ did a study in 2017 where they showed that the Americans consume more calories than any other nation in the world – with an average American is getting around 3770 calories per day. Additionally, in the last 50 years, the average ‘fast-food’ burger in the country has increased the weight from 80grams to 121grams. It is like a BIG TREAT for people having BIG APPETITES.

  1. Do not use the trains

America is recognized for its big cars and long roads – not for its trains. This is one of the reasons why the rail system of this country is below average. However, the trains are pretty good on the northeast coast. It is said that only 72% of trains arrive on time. Well! It is no surprise why the Americas prefer internal flights as they are faster and cheaper than the train.

Closing Remarks

So, ready to move to your dream destination? Get in touch with a trusted and licensed USA immigration consultant in Dubai to learn more about the country, visa options, visa process, documents needed, and so on.