5 things which you should know about Dental Veneers


Medical world is touching the sky day by day. In dentistry, number of new invention and latest technologies are introduced only to make our smile beautiful and healthy. On that node, veneers are used by many people to preserve their natural teeth and enhance the grace of their smile. A veneer is a sheet of composite and dental porcelain used to cover the natural teeth. Veneers can increase the beauty of smile by unexpected shine of veneers as well as they protect the teeth from damage due to uneven eating or drinking lifestyle.

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Dental in Edgware are well talented and highly educated. A group of highly qualified dentist is available in Edgware. Mostly, all hospitals of Edgware provide the facility of applying the veneers. Hospitals which provide this service are commonly known as Dental Veneers Edgware.

Which types of problems are fixed by Dental Veneers?

Usually, veneers are used to cover the surface of teeth and increase our beauty but beside this, there are few more problems which can be fixed by applying veneers such as:

  • Pale tooth can be covered by veneers. Sometimes tooth changed their shade because of root canal treatment. Because of drugs and consumption of alcohol few stains take birth on the tooth. So, to hide all this discoloration veneers are used.

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  • To hide the tooth which are broken.
  • Sometimes to fill the void between teeth, dentist advised to wear veneers.
  • Dental Edgware suggest patient to wear the veneer if they have irregular shape of teeth or uneven.

Procedure followed by Dental Veneers Edgware for applying the Dental Veneer:-

Every dentist followed same method of the operation but still there is slight difference in the process or techniques used by the dentist. Dental Veneers Edgware applies few different technologies and tricks that’s why they are leading on dentist profession. Given below is the method followed by Dental Edgware:-

  • First step is very basic but very important is to do proper planning of surgery. Patient need to inform the dentist that which type of result he is expecting and how much he can pay. In the first meeting, dentist will closely examine your teeth and if necessary they may also take x-ray of your mouth and teeth.
  • After examine your teeth, dentist will trim enamel from the teeth so, that veneers can be applied easily. Trimming is directly depending in the thickness of veneers.
  • Now, your dentist will take imprint of your teeth to prepare the framework of teeth. Frame of the teeth are prepared in the special dental laboratory and it takes one month to makeup the veneers.
  • After few months veneers are ready to apply. Before stick the veneers permanently, dentist put it temporarily to check up the shape and size of veneers and if any alteration is required he did that. Veneers are bonded on clean and polished teeth to avoid roughness; dentist will clean your teeth thoroughly.  Different cement is required for bonding of the veneers to natural teeth.
  • Once, dentist was sure that your teeth are well cleaned and veneers are ready to stick now he will proceed and fix the veneers carefully.

After fixing the veneers dentist advised you to follow-up the visit for couple of weeks to examine how gums are reacting to the veneers.

Why to choose us?

Applying veneers is very sensitive process and we had successfully applied 100 veneers to the patient and they are well satisfied and living confident life. So, if you want to live confident life you can come to us even you can take our feedback from our old patients, details of the patients are mentioned on the website.

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