5 Secrets Of Super Successful Real Estate Marketing


Don’t Just Sell Fast, Sell Well

There are options out there for swift property sale. These usually produce a severely reduced profit. For example, if you’re selling a property as-is, buying agencies who deal in such real estate will have to fix it up before they can turn a profit. They’ll subtract their costs from the offer they give you. Accordingly, you could see less than half the true value on the property.

Selling fast is a great way to lose money. Not only do such agencies low-ball you, there are plenty of “scam-based” businesses operating in this sector of the real estate market. What that means is you shouldn’t try to sell fast. Instead, sell your real estate for the greatest possible profit. Following we’ll explore five tactics that can help you achieve such a goal.

1. Effectively Prepare Real Estate Prior Listing

Whether you’re selling a residence or a commercial property, it’s fundamental to prepare your unit as best you can before you sell. Get landscaping work done. Fix windows. Paint the outside and inside. Finish the basement. Finish the attic. Complete any necessary refurbishment, upgrade, or remodel.

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You might even add a few outbuildings. Once these steps have been taken, then you want to list your property. The costs that you put toward refurbishment should be more than matched in what price you’re able to command for the unit when the work is done. At minimum, if you do the job right, you should be able to double your money.

2. Utilize Print Publications As Well As The Internet

Certainly working with realtors and online listing agencies is key to moving your property as fast as you should. However, you shouldn’t neglect local print publications. Magazines with names like “House Hunter” or “Home Buyer” circulate through communities with potential buyers—sometimes those buyers wouldn’t come into contact with your listing otherwise.

3. The Value Of Using Video Marketing In Real Estate Outreach

Pictures are more communicative than words, and videos are more communicative than pictures. You can decrease the number of “window shoppers” and increase the number of those considering your property seriously through effective use of video marketing. Basically, you’ll want to take video of the most relevant property features.

Now, you can simply use a smartphone to get these shots, but if you take your time and do a good job capturing your home from the inside and out, that’s going to be recommendable. Smartphones can do a great job, but if you’ve got a tripod and a GoPro camera, that might be a better idea—go with what works.

Given the complication that can come with video production, it may make sense to get a little consultation here. One avenue of information you might want to consider may include The Boost Apps: real estate video marketing options through this group can be exceptionally helpful.

4. Put Properties On The Market When The Time Is Right

When spring manifests, that’s when the real estate market starts its “season” in most places. Generally, that season closes some time during the holidays, dependent on your region. In places like L.A., the season is from late January or early February through mid to late November.

December and January are the dead months, but California is temperate and sought, so it has a longer season. Your local season may differ, but you can be almost assured that it will begin sometime in early spring.

Asking around may help, you can do a little research collaterally online as well that could give some revealing answers. Real estate agents certainly know when it’s right to list, but be sure you trust the realtor you ask, or you could be maneuvered.

5. Market To The Right People At The Right Price
Upping the listing price of your property isn’t always a bad move. In some markets, real estate is trending, and you can hold out for a higher buyer. Simultaneously, you want to assure your listing gets in front of the right people.

Very few college graduates can afford a home. So marketing toward them isn’t likely going to work as you would like. However, more mature buyers—especially older millennials—are likely to have more resources available.

Save Time, Sell Right

Proper pricing, proper marketing, timeliness of listing, video marketing, print publications, and effective property preparation prior listing are several key tips to help you maximize the effectiveness of real estate marketing. Consider your options locally, and apply those which best fit your particular situation.

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